Why We Hate Bodybuilding

We don’t. We love bodybuilding. We love to train. To set a personal best lift in the gym. To get our swole on. The camraderie of the iron brotherhood. That warm and comfortable feeling you get when you set foot in a gym. Any gym.

We love to hit GNC and MaxMuscle and the Power Depot and see what’s hot, what’s on sale, and what looks almost tempting enough to drop a Hamilton on.

We love to discover a new, great tasting protein powder or tell all our friends that you can get the Syntrax Peach Nectar protein for $14.98 at Drugstore.com.

We love to hear how much gear the pros take and fantasize that if we were that crazy or obsessed and took those dosages or weren’t afraid of needles, we too could look like a total freak and rep out curls with the 100 lb dumbbells…IN YOUR FACE.

We at MuscleWeek are bodybuilders.

Disenchanted? Yes. Absolutely. With the politics. The lies. The false ads and claims. The mirage of success.

But hate bodybuilding? No.


Make no mistake. We are bodybuilders.

MuscleWeek: For Bodybuilders. By Bodybuilders.


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