MW Investigates: University of Georgia Cheerleader Anna Watson

MW Investigates: University of Georgia Cheerleader Anna Watson Claims to be Natural

Anna Watson

Every now and then, the general naivete of the mainstream media is exposed for the bodybuilding community to mock. Usually this occurs when an obvious steroid user (Chael Sonnen, Sean Sherk, Phil Baroni, Cyborg Santos) with hyper-muscularity tests positive and then makes some absurd claim about never having even heard of steroids or having taken some obscure supplement no one has ever heard of and claiming that the manufacturer — rather than stuff the cannister with $.42 of worthless maltodextrin powder, actually went to the great effort of illegally obtaining raw steroid compounds at a far more significant price and spiked their product with juice solely to improve buyer performance. Yeah, right.

So when I came across this photo of University of Georgia cheerleader Anna Watson flexing her biceps and putting thousands of juiced female figure, fitness, bikini and bodybuilding competitors to shame, and then having the gall to claim that she chose a cheerleading gig at Georgia over a ‘$75,000 fitness model contract’ because the agency wanted her to take the oral steroid Anavar, I had to laugh.

Anna Watson Natural

After all, here is a girl whose steroid use is obvious to even the most novice of bodybuilders and yet somehow the mainstream media is running with some home-spun tale of how this totally jacked-to-the-nines, testosterone-laden female was nearly ‘victimized’ by some unscrupulous ‘modeling agency’. To top it all off, like thousands of other narcissistic and brainwashed delusional liars, she gives all credit to Jesus. And by Jesus, she probably means the code word she texts to her dealer meaning ‘oxandrolone’.

Adding fuel to the liar, I mean fire, is her claim that she ‘turned down’ a $75,000 fitness model contract. Really, Anna? I mean, that’s a terrific DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value), but it certainly doesn’t make that ridiculous claim true. Anna, you’re a slightly above average-looking girl with nice biceps. Sure, you could probably make $75,000/year working the webcam for the muscle schmoe logging on to with his penis firmly in hand, but no one is paying ANY fitness model a $75,000/year contract. But if Anna’s covertly genius plan comes to fruition and this ‘news item’ generates enough water cooler talk, I’m sure that Playboy’s Hugh Hefner will be happy to cough up that much for the public to see more than just her biceps. At the very least, it could bring the word ‘penoris’ into the collective consciousness and the entire Bulldog student body would learn if the curtains match the drapes.

Anna Watson & Natural

A Mere Mortal and Anna Watson

I’d like to think that major media outlets would actually think for a moment before running a story like this, but hey, if the skinny-fat journalists of the world want to bury their pencil-necks in the sand and buy this whopper without a single skeptical question about how this one cheerleader has 40 lbs more muscle than any of the other girls in the University of Georgia weight room, then I guess that’s just what passes for journalism these days. Because you, Muscleweek reader, and I know the difference between a natural female and a hormonized one.

Nice try, Anna. You can pull the wool over some of the people’s eyes, but not the Sherlock Holmeses here at Muscleweek. To put it rather bluntly, to those of us whose testosterone use hasn’t clouded our brains, your steroid use is quite elementary, my Dear Watson.


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