3 Things To Know About Cannabis and Exercise

When it comes to exercise, you may fall into two different categories. You may enjoy it and are easily motivated, or you need extra motivation to drag yourself to the gym only to be overwhelmed and quickly give up.

Whatever camp you are in, you may be surprised to find that cannabis can be a motivating factor to enhance your fitness routine. Cannabis relieves stress and inhibitions, which may clear the mental block for many people who lack the energy to exercise.

Cannabis for Sport
Cannabis for Sport

It also boosts recovery time and alleviates pain, which allows you to push yourself further and surpass your exercise goals. The benefits of exercise are common knowledge in today’s world, and cannabis may be the trick you need to motivate and elevate your exercise routine.

  1. Start Small and Easy

Before introducing cannabis to your exercise routine, you need to understand how your body responds to being high. Also, be mindful of your fitness level and ultimate workout goals.

Maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle, eating well-balanced meals, and staying hydrated also improve your fitness level and make the transition of adding cannabis to your exercise routine smoother.

For the first time, incorporate marijuana into a low-intensity workout such as yoga or weight lifting. Record how your body responds and note any differences you feel. You should enjoy your workout with or without cannabis, so try to find an exercise routine that suits your lifestyle and fitness level.

When deciding to add marijuana to your fitness experience, take into consideration how you will consume it. Studies recommend vaping as it is considerably cleaner and less harsh on the lungs. If smoking weed before a workout intimidates you, you can use various CBD products, such as Cannabis seeds, edibles, and tinctures. Topical creams are also popular and heal sore muscles and reduce pain after workouts.

With CBD capsules and tinctures, you can control the dosage. The release of the CBD within your body is more gradual, while you feel the immediate effects of vaping. Whatever your intention, the best way to infuse cannabis into your workout is to listen to your body and understand what you need.

  1. Aids in Recovery and Reduces Pain

Many people use cannabis for medical reasons or holistic treatment of chronic pain and inflammation. The same marijuana properties that aid in alleviating pain can also help you recover from sore muscles and joint swelling that often occurs after exercise. Whether it’s an intense workout or you’re just beginning your fitness journey, soreness occurs in your muscles regardless. It is essential to nurture and rest your body in between sessions.

Cannabis also soothes nagging pain and helps with recovery from past injuries or surgery. Studies show that CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient of the cannabis plant, reduces inflammation.

Some athletes use CBD as an alternative to addictive opioid pain medications, which have terrible side effects. If you experience pain, consuming marijuana post-workout will trigger the THC, the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant, that provides the high feeling and numbs any lingering pain.

Marijuana also improves your sleep cycle since THC can induce sleep and reduces stress. Adequate sleep is also an essential part of your wellness and fitness journey.

  1. More Focused and Enjoyable Workouts

As marijuana becomes a part of mainstream culture and lifestyles, the stoner stereotype is irrelevant and outdated. A study of 600 adults in areas where weed is legal found that over 50 percent of participants use cannabis and exercise regularly.

The participants report that marijuana motivates them to work out, especially when they did not want to go to the gym. Those who got high within hours of their workout exercised on average of 40-plus minutes more than participants who did not consume marijuana surrounding their workout times. While at the gym, users describe feeling more focused and able to work on training and form rather than rushing.

Cannabis for Sport
Cannabis for Sport

The overall impression is that marijuana makes exercise more enjoyable and helps you better focus on specific tasks.

As the societal stigma against using marijuana fades and as more countries or regions legalize it, research continues to emerge about the benefits of combining cannabis with exercise. Cannabis will not magically help you get into shape or make the workout less grueling. But it can reduce anxiety regarding training and also improve post-workout recovery.


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