VPX Clenbutrx Review

By Blockhead
Their marketing mantra is right. Tastes Like Shit, Works Like Crazy!I was given a bottle of VPX Clenbutrx recently from someone who told me verbatim.. ” the shit is awsome but I can’t take the taste “

Statements like those often mean very little to me. People still think that protein shakes taste awful like the early batches of the early 90′s. Almost 20yrs later protein shakes taste awesome. So why would this be any different?

Redline drinks? Redline Extreme drinks? You ever taste the Grape or Watermelon? Bomb-diggity! I can drink those all day.

How bad can it be?

Last Tuesday I become victim to my usual routine in the early morning. Hit SNOOZE twice, pee, pop a thermo. This time the only difference was I decided to try the Liquid Clenbutrix.

It comes with a plastic syringe that can hold 5ml of fluid. 1 serving is equivlant to 1ml or 1c.c. to the old school types reading this. I inserted the tip of the syringe into the obvious nozzle fit of the bottle, flipped the bottle to withdraw the fluid up ti 1ml. I looked at it for a second, smelled the bottle (pungant) and squirted the fluid into my mouth.

I have to say just the SHOCK of the putrid almost rancid taste was enough to make me wide eyed and bushy tailed. The best way I can describe it would be cough medicine our mother’s gave us when we were 8yrs old. Before Robitussin started to add a sugar alcohol based sweetner or flavoring system. Maybe even more offensive. It took all my might just to swallow it down and that couldn’t be performed without the numerous faces of distress and contortion and two clenched fists.

Make no mistake — if you can get past the insulting taste of it, you will be happy to notice your skin tingle and body-temperature increse after about 5 minutes of ingestion. The single bead of sweat running down my back was a good indicator of thermogenisis and the fact that I felt like Magda from ‘There’s Something About Mary’ with a sudden desire to clean and move things was an good sign that VPX Liquid Clenbutrix gives you serious instant energy with a nice slow gradual decend. No crash, No burns. My shaky hands made it hard to send out text-messages and my heart rate speeding up made me hold my pulse at rest. 108 beats per minute- standing still. Sinus Tachycardia.

Overall, I give the product 4 out of 5 stars. It loses half a star for the foul taste and another half a star for trying to fool the fools into associating the product with the prescription drug CLENBUTEROL. I don’t like when companies do that. It’s a marketing ploy.

– Block!


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