Victor Martinez FREE AT LAST!

Victor Martinez Free At Last!

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Champion Victor Martinez was freed from an Immigration Detention Center in New Jersey today, nearly six months after being detained by immigration authorities. After appearing before an Immigration Judge who had reviewed the applicable paperwork and briefs submitted (by gh15) on his behalf, Victor was awarded his freedom.

While many suspected that Victor would be deported or would waive his hearing and accept a return to his native Dominican Republic, some speculators privately remarked that Victor had more than $500,000 in cash sitting in his Washington Heights apartment, anxiously awaiting the return of its master, and that Victor would never willingly leave such a large amount of money behind.

As it turns out, they were right. Victor sucked it up and bided his time while keeping fit with an exercise routine consisting of pushups, pullups, bunk dips, and squat thrusts (no homo!).

I have known Victor for almost twelve years and his demeanor is always calm, cool and collected. I believe it was these qualities that allowed him to sit tight and let the justice system work out the kinks in his case.

Congratulations, Victor! Enjoy your freedom and never take it for granted.


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