Todd Jewell Signs with MD

MuscleWeek is proud to announce the signing of Todd Jewell with Muscular Development. Todd was an early ally and supporter of both Big Nation Radio and MuscleWeek, and we couldn’t be happier for Todd and his lovely wife Shawna. Todd is also sponsored by Twinlab, which makes the MD signing even more logical (MD Publisher Steve Blechman’s father was the founder of Twinlab).

We at MuscleWeek wish Todd and Shawna the best and look forward to reading Ron Harris’s Todd’s column each month in the pages of Muscular Development. Todd recently stated that his plan was to hit the stage in 2012 at a mighty 285 lbs. Considering that is 30 lbs more than he weighed at the Nationals, that is indeed a lofty goal.

While we only want the best for Todd and Shawna, we certainly hope that Todd continues to put his health and family ahead of his bodybuilding aspirations. As many of our readers know, Todd was hospitalized and severely ill in early 2011 and briefly considered foregoing his bodybuilding career. God bless!


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