Tito Raymond


I saw former Team Universe star Tito Raymond the other day. Tito, unlike his unnatural brother Jose, looks lean and mean and drug-free. Tito was training someone and was wearing a short sleeve shirt, but you could tell my his sunken cheekbones he was ripped.

Tito is almost 41 but looks closer to 28. A good example of clean living and healthy lifestyle. He also has a nice looking family that includes wife and former figure competitor Amy Fadhli.

Tito never looked too big to me and from all of the pics I’ve seen of him, calling him a natural wouldn’t be out of the question. At his best, he was 50lbs lighter than most pros of the same height.

Jose on the other hand competed at the 2001 Nationals at Lightweight (143) in 2005 at Welterweight (154),
in 2007 at Middleweight (176).  Two years later he came in at the 202 limit at a pro show. For the mathematically inclined, that’s 60 lbs of new muscle well after the initial muscle gain most get during the first two years.

Tito recently took 3rd at the NPC Sacramento show. Weren’t you there, Flex?


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