The Luscious Locks of Kevin Fabian

Kevin Fabian: Golden Boy of Men’s Physique

It is no secret that Muscleweek Senior Editor Shane Ray is a serious hockey fan.  On a recent trip to see the New Jersey Devils take on the New York Rangers in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals where the Devils prevailed with a 3-2 victory, Shane decided to stop in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey to catch a quick workout with Men’s Physique competitor and soon-to-be competitive powerlifter Kevin Fabian at LA FITNESS off of Interstate 295 and Route 38 where they discussed everything from dating Figure Chicks to Men’s Physique Division and hair care.

MW:  Kevin. Welcome to Muscleweek. When you were first introduced to us what were your first thoughts? Why do you think so many are shy to interview with us?

KF:  When I first stumbled upon Muscleweek my jaw basically dropped. I think I spent an hour just going through the blogs reading and laughing hysterically. People shy away from sites like yours because they have no sense of humor. You can start a blog about me and how horrible I am if you want. I’ll probably chime in and add a few things as well. You have to be able to laugh at yourself. Being serious all the time just isn’t any fun.  Bodybuilders for the most part have no sense of humor. They take themselves way too seriously. 

MW: No. Most bodybuilders are caught up in their delusions & grandeur they don’t have time to laugh. You’re a born & bred New Jersian. When I think of New Jersey I think about The Devils hockey club, the cryptic Devil allegedly seen in the Pine Barrens, White Castle and one of my favorite 80′s hair bands, Cinderella. What do you like most about the state many consider the Armpit of The East Coast.

KF: The best thing about this state is everything is within driving distance. The beach, mountains, the city, all within a 2 hour driving distance if not less from my house. I am big into snowboarding in the winter and I spend most of my summer at the shore. If you dont like it then don;t live here.  I obviously live in the better half of New Jersey.  South Jersey. Represent!

MW: (chuckles) I hope you don’t go snowboarding with Jordan Gluteman. Anyway. How did you get caught up in the bodybuilding scene? Natural transgression from sports or did some girl also spill your heart all over the floor and now you want to show her what she passed up.

KF:  I was a skinny kid in high school.   I was 130lb soaking wet my senior year. My mom is the one who actually intoduced me into weight training to get me stronger for collegiate sports. I picked up my first dumbbell and I was instantly hooked. I have been training ever since. I wouldnt really say im into bodybuilding because thats not what I do. I eat clean and train hard. I compete in Men’s Physique not bodybuilding. Major difference. 

 MW: I know. Major difference. Keep in mind that  Muscleweek supports Men’s Physique. We believe that bodybuilding attracts the attention of men and perverts with a lust for extreme muscle while Men’s Physique makes every woman in a 2 mile radius soak her panties. Do you concur?

KF:   No. Sure every person that competes in that category of  Men’s Physique is a competitor but that doesnt mean that their physique has the ability to soak any panties. I understand it takes a lot of guts to get out there on stage but I would never step on stage looking like I just started training or have never trained at all. Thats just me. I get what you’re saying, though. Men soak panties by their ability to talk and communicate. You know that better than anybody.

MW: Excellent point. Mystery Approved.  Some people argue Men’s Physique is simply bodybuilding with less drugs or no drugs at all. Is that true? Can genetically gifted guys compete in Men’s Physique without being expected to be a pin cushion plunging deca, testosterone and winstrol into their asses while swallowing down clenbuterol and t3? 

KF:   From my own personal experience I feel that I have done extremely well and have not gone near the stuff. I’ve done 3 shows, 2 state shows and 1 national show, and placed first in both state shows in my class and placed 6th at Team Universe weighing 160lbs.  So no you don’t need to do that stuff in order to compete. It’s absolutely unncessary.

MW:  What changes do you see coming to Men’s Physique? I see the long board shorts being eliminated to expose more leg development.

KF:   I feel that some standard poses will eventually get introduced to the competition as well as the shorter shorts to show off the leg development. Walking on stage having 10 seconds to turn a few times and walk off does not really show off someones physique. Everyone else gets to do something. Why should Men’s Physique be any different, right?

MW: What is it like being backstage as a Physique guy? Do the guys in Bodybuilding exhibit an Oedipus Complex towards you guys or is it total team camaraderie?

KF:   Honestly, I don’t know. The Men’s Physique competitors are extremely friendly so you never go out and wander around talking to other people. Every show I have done everyone has shown me nothing but kindness. The Physique guys are an awesome group of guys and I am glad that I could be a part of it.  So are the bodybuilder guys but some of them are total douchebags.

MW:  Pfft. Some of them?  Anyway. Riddle me this; I have to imagine that having a Men’s Physique not only opens doors in this industry but legs also. When I was at my biggest & heaviest it seemed as if only dudes and skinny middle aged men wanted to talk to me in the gym or in public. Now that I am about 30lbs more slim I’ve been getting more attention from women. Are you laying the smack down on lots of VAG as a full-blown Men’s Physique guy these days?

KF:  Oh, yea it is like a brothel at my house. Girls coming and going all day and night. Haha! But seriously I don’t really know. I just got out of a long relationship not to long ago so I’m kinda just getting used to being single again. You know Saturday nights watching crappy tv and eating a 3rd dinner or something like that. I am an easy going guy so I just go with the flow. Not really going out there looking for anything.

MW: Whaaaaaat?!?! Whatever.  Maybe you’re onto something because all too often I find many competitors dating each other. I believe bodybuilding is an incestuous little industry. I also believe that the couples who TRAIN together never ever ever STAY together. Do you find this to be true?

KF:  Well, in my case that seems to be very true. Oh well shit happens.

MW:  Most competitor chicks seem like a dream come true for the bodybuilder or seasoned gym rat who just don’t know. You see the glamour, the looks, the body, the shaven cooters and you think you have a great catch. What advice would you give for the Dude-Bro or Bodybuilding Douche who asks you for advice about dating a serious competitor chick? Do you tell him to “Run to the Hills” like Iron Maiden or would you encourage him to “Follow Your Heart” as recommended by Triumph?

KF:  Duh! IRON Maiden for the win! Just be prepared!

MW: Ha! That’s an understatement. I straight up tell dudes to keep a clove of garlic around their necks and a pocket full of Paxil on them at all times dealing with those nightmare trainwrecks from Hell.  Let’s move on. Kevin. Rumors around the industry tell me you are considering making the flip from the stage to the platform. Are you thinking about competitive powerlifting?  

KF:  Yes. That is most definitely true. Team Universe in July will most likely be my last show competing on stage. Friends, other fitness personalities, and even some pros have told me that this year could most definteily be my year to get my pro card. Thats great and all but this sport is just not for me. I am a teacher and quite frankly its just a pain in the ass. I really only started competing because my girlfriend at the time was a competitor so I thought why not this will be fun we can do shows together yada yada yada. With powerlifting there is only one judge and that is the weight. Either im going to be able to move it or i I am not. No one in a powerlifting meet is going to tell me my colors off, I didnt like your choice of shorts, or you didn’t smile enough, well atleast I hope not. I train like a powerlifter all year round so why wouldnt I give that a try.

MW: We at Where a Bodybuilder is a Bodybuilder is a Bodybuilder  couldn’t agree more.  All pageant judging is corrupt and full of subjectivism  to avoid being held accountable for any real standards. The winner is already chosen before the show starts much like pro wrestling.  Powerlifting is a real sport. You lift the weight or you do not. It isn’t about who you are sleeping with, who you run drugs for or if that effeminate mullet head comic book shirt wearing douche, JM is your manager. Agree or Disagree?

KF:  We all know you have to put your time in to go pro. Why? Why do I have to do 10 shows to finally become a pro? Why does my face need to be familiar to do well? Its kind of a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. You are judging someone on what they bring to the stage not who they are and who they know. I had a friend of mine at Team Universe last year that got like 4th or 5th callout in bikini ask why she placed so terrible here when she placed in the top 5 at several national shows. Their response, “Oh, why didnt you tell us before the show?” Seriously?!?! Why does that even matter? Its too political and I just dont have time for that. Not saying I should have a top 5 physique at Team Universe this year but it will be interesting to see how I place after doing this interview.  Like I said before I’m done after this show. I could win my class, win the overall, and I will happily walk away. You are right, though. Powerlifting is a true sport. Bodybuilding is a pageant like all you guys on your site say.

MW: You powerlifting is a good thing. I respect powerlifting. I live very close to true powerlifting legends such as Lance Karabel and Ed Coan. It’s a cut and dry competition. Nothing subjective about it. No lies, brainwashing and politics. Right?

KF:   I am hoping thats the case. I could be wrong though. Maybe ill make the lift and then they will tell me that I didnt use enought chalk or something. Stranger things have happened.

MW:  Moving on.  Kevin. We know that facebook is seriously infected with every creep and schmoe in the galaxy. Do you have any interesting stories about some sicko private messaging you wit some bizarre requests? I interviewed this one guy who told me some creep tried to solicit a bottle of his urine for $200.

KF:   No. I dont really get too much of that. Am I hurt? A little bit. Am I not I good looking enough or built enough to get the attention of other men? What am I doing wrong?!?! Haha whenever I get a message that is even going towards being remotely creepy I just ignore it and usually delete that person. Maybe if I started a fanpage I would get more? I dunno.

MW:  (laughs) Facebook did do a great job of making every single douche who ever stepped on stage believe they are some A-List Celebrity just because they eat Tilapia and Asparagus at Meal 6.  So, Kevin. If you could leave a legacy. What would that legacy be?

KF:  Like I said before I want to be that guy that just walked away. I am sure there are pros out there who have neer stepped on stage at the pro level and have no intensions of doing so. Would it be cool to say I was a pro? Sure. Do I really care? Not really.

MW:  Well, I hope not. You might get retaliated a bit for talking to us. Tell us which industry girl gets your blood down there flowing. For me it is still Monica Brant.

KF:    That changes all the time but right now would have to be Oksana Grishina. Her combination of her beauty, her physique, and her athleticism have me just amazed with her all the time.  I also cant forget about Sam Baker, Jenna Renee Webb, Christina Vargas, and Vanessa Tib. I think that’s all.. Haha!

MW:  Who in the industry would you like to kick between the shoulder blades? For me it is JM for looking at himself in the mirror every morning and seeing nothing wrong with his 45% bodyfat, Spiderman t-shirts and Rosie O’Donnel mullet. To me he screams “estrogen overload”.

KF:   There are so many how am I supposed to choose just one!?!? Basically if you post a motivational quote on facebook everyday, cry about how you have to eat tilapia and asparagus, or lie about how you eat/supplement/train you deserved to be kicked in the face.

MW:  Tell me 3 things you can not go to the gym without.

KF:   My water bottle, my cellphone/iPod, and myself. I dont need anything else. Some chalk on Fridays. Thats when I deadlift.

MW:  Supplements. Which 3 can we always find on your kitchen counter?

KF:  Pretty much just whey protein. I don’t bother with anything else.

MW:  Kevin. You are known around the globe for your wavy locks and golden brown curls. What kind of hair care tips can you give to the readers who are follically blessed like you are and not follically cursed like I am.

KF:   Wash it once and awhile, condition everyday, and let it air dry. I dont put too much effort into these locks. I am almost late to work everyday so I dont have time to mess around with it in the morning.

MW:  Kevin. Is there anything you would like to promote or plug?  How can one contact you for possible sponsorship, modeling work or to purchase your soiled underwear?

KF:  Best way is to hit me up on facebook.

Bonus Questions:

– Favorite Movie:  TROY.
– Favorite Band:  KillSwitch Engage.
– Favorite Cheat Food:  McDonalds.
– Favorite Beer:  Corona.
– Skoal or Kodiak?  Neither. I can’t believe you chew that shit!
– Bon Jovi or Cinderella?  Do I really have to choose?
– Martin Brodeur or Patrick Roy?  Ron Hextall.
– Favorite Exercise:  Deadlifts.
– Favorite Gym:  Future Fitness.  Next time you’re in town I’ll take you there.


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