The Lion Roars: Lionel Beyeke Makes Statement

Kai Greene may have technically won the show, but the real winner of the New York Pro was newcomer Lionel Beyeke.  Much like how Kai Greene blew people away at this show back in 2007, Lionel roared into the top five with mountains of ebony muscle and the best combination of size and symmetry in the entire show.

Had his conditioning been a touch sharper (particularly in his upper body), we dare say he would’ve given Kai a run for his money.

Here are a few pics of Lionel, demonstrating that there are still a few genetically gifted monsters among us who haven’t stuffed their bodies full of oil. Yet.

We look forward to Lionel crashing the party at this year’s Olympia and dashing a few dreams of some of the perennial oil bags clogging up the top ranks of men’s bodybuilding.

And for you historians wondering where this guy came from, here’s a video of Lionel winning the 2008 NABBA Universe before taking a controversial second to Roelly Winklaar at the 2009 Arnold Amateur:


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