The Death of Guest-Posing

As 100% of MuscleWeekers know and 13% of non-MuscleWeekers believe, legitimate financial opportunities for Bodybuilders are few and far between.

There once was a time when a BBD could hypothesize that a Bodybuilder’s income would consist of:

– Magazine Sponsorship
– Supplement Company Sponsorship
– Guest Posing Appearance Fees
– Seminar Fees
– DVD Sales
– Ancillary Product Sponsorship

But what we know is that Bilbo Chickerdildo’s financial stake in Egg Whites International not withstanding, there are NO ANCILLARY PRODUCT SPONSORSHIPS. Yes, KEVIN LEVRONE attached his name to the idiotic TRICEPTOR device that sold 43 units and yes SETH FEROCE attached his name to an equally retarded contraption he endorses that has sold even LESS than the TRICEPTOR, but no bad inventor is paying a Pro any endorsement money other than to make the schmoeing look legitimate.

And there are no more DVD SALES. Mitsuru Okabe hasn’t made a video in years, as he went broke making videos for 2nd tier bodybuilders who couldn’t sell 100 units/year and got stuck with massive inventory as DVD ripping and Youtubing became the de facto way of obtaining your copy of Ronnie Coleman’s ‘Unbelievable’. Bye bye DVD Sales!

Seminars?? Bwahahaha!! Who the fuck pays for a seminar??? It’s just a glorified excuse to sell a few 8×10′s and maybe finally dump those copies of the 10-year old Mitsuru video he shot back in 2001. Sad.

We all know Optimum Nutrition, BSN and Muscletech are looking less and less at bodybuilding and more at Physique and MMA, so good luck new IFBB Pros — especially those who aren’t just ‘endorsed’ by a supplement company so the owner can legitimize his payments to the BB/gearslinger for all those kits of serostim he delivers by DHL.

Which brings us to GUEST POSING. We’ve all seen the noobs talk about guest-posing as way for guys to make good cash. And yes, in the olden days, promoters would occasionally go out and book a guest poser. When I repped Kevin during his prime, I believe we received 3-4 offers for guest posing over the course of 3-4 YEARS!! and though Kevin’s quoted fee was $4500, it seemed as though no one ever offered more than $1500. Weird, huh??

But eventually, even guest posing opportunities dried up. The new guest posing scam was a simple one whereby one would be forced to guest pose as part of his supplement contract’s terms. So that $30,000 supplement contract INCLUDED a mandatory 10 guest posing appearances.

With the supplement companies supplying all of the guest posers for free as part of their contest sponsorship, the few opportunities for guest posing income all but dried out. Except out on the West Coast where uber-promoter and IFBB Judge John Lindsay continued to pay a reduced guest posing fee of $500 — allowing LA area bodybuilders to continue pick up some income for guest posing services.

But now, even those days are no longer. Because John no longer utilizes the services of bodybuilders as guest posers. Why? Because in John’s words, ‘Maybe three people in the audience would clap.’

Huh? What does that mean? Why would only three people clap?

‘Because the audience is all women!’ he replied.

Ahhhhh….now I get it. The implication, of course, that an audience filled with women would, err, lack the MEN to provide the necessary enthusiasm to justify the presence of a MALE bodybuillder. And that the WOMEN attending to watch their friends or Bombshell Sisters in Bikini and Figure would have ZERO interest in watching an off-season male bodybuilder flex for them.

With bikini and figure now DOMINATING most contests in terms of entries, it would logically follow that the AUDIENCES of those contests would consist of those who care to WATCH bikini and figure competitions. Now, I don’t know about your friends, but as a red-blooded, card-carrying heterosexual male, I can firmly state that I have ZERO interest in watching an NPC Bikini or Figure contest. Hawaiian Tropic or Hooters or MTV Spring Break Bikini girls writhing on stage to music and booty shaking? Yes. NPC Bikini girls doing quarter turns and trying to create the illusion of an ass despite being on zero carbs for 8 weeks? No thanks.

Fitness with chicks doing flips and cartwheels and Cirque De Soleil shit? Yes. Figure contestants doing quarter turns and looking like female bodybuilders too chickenshit to add Anadrol and Tren to their Anavar and Winstrol cycles? No thanks.

The death of the guestposer is directly related to the death of bodybuilding in general. Yes, the USA or Nationals gets 500+ entries these days. But whereas that used to be 70-80% bodybuilding competitors, today it’s closer to 70-80% bikini and figure competitors. And therefore, why pay a bodybuilder guest-poser to entertain an audience of women there to watch bikini and figure contestants? And if it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense.

So let us all say a prayer and mourn for the Guest-Poser of yesteryear.

Because Guest-Posing is Dead.



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