Spotlight: She-Beast Of The Winter 2014

Spotlight: She-Beast Of The Winter 2014
By Rodd Knight

Joele Smith, IFBB Pro Physique Competitor

Joele Smith

With the results of the first Ms. Physique Olympia, it was apparent that the judges did not want lightweight female bodybuilders competing in the Women’s Physique Division(WP).  They wanted Figure type girls who were lean and more muscular, but not too muscular.  This led to followers believing that Women’s Physique was turning into “Figure Without Heels”.  With that said, if judges wanted “Figure With A Push” competitors.  It is surprising why Joele Smith could not qualify for the chance to be in the hunt for the first Ms. Physique Olympia.  If their is one WP competitor who fits the “Figure X” prototype, it is her.  Nevertheless, she was never in the mix for Ms. Physique Olympia.

From the state of Mississippi, Joele Smith has supermodel looks and southern charm.  Yet, she has the body of Greek goddess and the mindset of a pit bull.  This steel magnolia also brings energetic routines and is not afraid to fling it on stage.  Not only does she bring a lean, tight body to the stage.  It is also flexible and she poses with regal confidence.

Always an athletic person, Smith started competing in 2010.  When she participated in the NPC Alabama Steel World Bodybuilding Championships, as a Figure competitor.  Not only did she win the Figure novice class.  She also won the Figure open class and the Figure overall.  Next, she competed in the NPC Southern Classic.  Where she placed fifth.  She ended her 2010 season, at the NPC Eastern USA Championships.  However to her dismay, she did not place.

2011 would put Ms. Smith at a crossroads.  She began the year at the NPC Junior Nationals.  This was her first time on a national stage.  Despite being in her best shape ever, she did not place.  She went back to the regional level.  Where she returned to the NPC Southern Classic.  This time, however, Smith was victorious.  As, she won her class.

Smith had already planned to compete at the NPC Nationals in Florida.  But, friends were telling her.  If she wanted to be successful on the national level, she should compete in the new Women’s Physique Division.  Which was being held at the Nationals for the first time.  At first, Smith was hesitant.  For, she did not want to give up wearing the clear heels that comes with competing in Figure.  But, Smith was convinced and decided to crossover to WP.

At the 2011 NPC Nationals, Smith competed in the C (Tall) class in the Women’s Physique Division.  She was one of over 30 competitors in that class.  Throughout the contest, she was in a neck and neck battle with Georgia’s Tycie Coppett for the class title.  After a tight struggle, the judges chose Smith as the Class C champion.  Her crossover gamble paid off with an IFBB Pro Card.  Smith would narrowly lose the overall to Idaho’s Karin Kimura.

Smith made her pro debut at the 2012 IFBB Grand Prix of Los Angeles.  Where she finished a very respectable sixth.  She would compete in three other shows in 2012.  She placed fourth at the IFBB Europa Orlando Show Of Champions.  She placed fifth at the IFBB New York Pro.  She then ended her year with a sixth place finish at the IFBB Greater Gulf States Pro.

With 2013 being the start of Physique Olympia qualification, it was thought that Smith would be in the hunt for a spot in Vegas.  But, 2013 would be a mix bag for Smith. After finishing third at the IFBB Optimum Classic and fourth at the IFBB New York Pro.  Smith would not place in the top five in her next three shows.  She placed seventh at the IFBB Toronto Pro.  Then, placed fourteenth at the IFBB Tampa/PBW Pro.  Later, she placed twelfth at the IFBB Europa Dallas SuperShow.  These disappointing showings prevented her from participating in the Olympia.

Smith At The 2013 IFBB Toronto Pro.

Smith At The 2013 IFBB Toronto Pro.

Smith is a graduate of University of Southern Mississippi.  She is a licensed nurse.  She is also a former model, who went by the name Joelle Tyler.  Not to mention, she is the owner and operator of Physique Pro Fitness.  A web site that provides nutritional products and workout apparel.

Smith plans to start her 2014 season at the IFBB Europa Orlando Show Of Champions.  Here is hoping that it is the beginning of a year that ends in Vegas.

Joele Smith 2

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