Real Estate Magnate Confirms that Golds Venice is HISTORY!

Gold’s Gym Venice is History!

Last week, MuscleWeek first broke the story that Gold’s Gym is on its way out, after a one-on-one conversation with Ed Connors in which Ed revealed that the owner of the Gold’s property Larry Fields had directly informed him that the property is now in the hands of Google.

Despite attempts by the bodybuilding media to discredit MuscleWeek by claiming that there was still an opportunity for Gold’s to renew the lease, today, the owner of the Gold’s Gym building confirmed to LA Weekly that come July 1, 2014, Google will indeed begin renting the space.

Venice real-estate giant Larry Fields currently owns both Gold’s and several of the buildings nearby, including the giant space about 300 feet north from Gold’s currently occupied by Digital Domain. Fields’s company NSB is a major local developer that “has been involved in the acquisition and development of more than $1 billion of real estate in Southern California.”

Alexander Aurbach, a press officer for NSB Associates, told LA Weeklyn today that Google will pick up the lease for all 31,500 square feet of Gold’s — located right across the street from Google’s ‘Binocular Building’.

Source: LA Weekly


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