Pure Protein Shake Review – Cookies n Cream

As I sit on the toilet downloading a liquid poop exactly one hour after ingesting my Pure Protein Cookies n Cream flavored RTD shake, I can’t help but wonder if the 21 grams of protein I ingested are stimulating any muscles other than my sphincter.

The taste was a little more old school than I expected. A little on the watery side with that slightly chemical taste that you don’t get from the Labrada and Musclemilk RTDs. They also come in cans as opposed to the more modern BPA cartons that the other brands are offering. The taste was somewhere between Chocolate and Vanilla but not really anything resembling Cookies n Cream, which is usually one of my favorite flavors for protein bars.

I paid about $6 bucks for 4 cans at Tarjay so if you don’t mind literally flushing $1.50 down the toilet an hour after ingestion in the hopes that a few micrograms somehow slipped into your brachialis muscle fibers, then by all means, head for the hills with the giant red bullseye.

Otherwise, save your money and buy six Strawberry Shortcake Pure Protein bars for the price of this four-pack. Or if you prefer to drink your protein out of a RTD package, stick with the old standbys.

Rating: ** (Two Stars) out of ***** (Five)


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