Project Eli: Venus Nguyen on Determination

For all of you that adore Eli almost as much as I do… 😉

Today started a rough one, which I had predicted, due to the carbing up that was implemented into the diet all of Friday. Eli’s “morning weigh in” was still perfectly on target after the carb spike and looked harder and fuller than the past week. It continues to baffle me the way his body is so responsive to pretty much anything we (his group of trainers) have thrown at it. Lovely. Only draw back was that it seemed to me that his body required more rest in the morning and was a bit more lethargic. Even getting up to eat was an effort. After the “weigh in” and our daily photos, I left to train clients for a few hours and still returned to a sleeping bodybuilder. I prepped his food for the day and as planned we headed back up to Venice Beach. By midday hid energy was higher and we looked and posed at a couple of physique guys that are prepping for nationals also.

I took him though a quick interval cardio session in the alley behind his new apartment. 5x 75m sprints with step-down free squats inbetween (starting at 20 – dropping 5 each time). His legs were still sore from yesterday’s full body weights session (which he thinks) and (what i think) Thanom’s routine choreography session. It’s so good!

So we’ve been chillin here in Venice all afternoon/evening/night. His brother, Mike, gave him an amazing (and muchly needed) massage. Diet has been spot on — timing and size — even resisted the earn to celebrate with his mother and little sister. It’s great that they are here to live for awhile with his brother and him. Eli is stronger and clearly more focused with his family support team there for him.

Currently He is posing for his brother, post massage. Things really have opened up now and I’m excited to see it! Will check ya all out soon! I need to go look at some muscles…lol

-Venus Nguyen “The Volt”

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