MW Investigates: The Rodney King Murder

MW Investigates: The Rodney King Murder

Rodney King was found dead in his swimming pool on Sunday morning, but the LAPD have launched an investigation into his death based on suspicions of foul play.

Why would anyone kill Rodney King?

The first motive for anyone’s murder is always money. Rodney King received $3.8 million dollars from the City of Los Angeles in his civil suit against the LAPD for use of excessive force.

Money is often a primary motive in a murder case and in the case of Rodney King, there’s 3,800,000 reasons to kill him. But who stands to benefit? Well, if you watched Rodney on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, you probably caught a glimpse or two of his daughters. As any lawyer can tell you, the #1 Battle over any inheritance is always going to be the children against the beneficiary who bumped them out of the will. In Rodney’s case, that person may just be his fiancée Cynthia Kelley.

While we haven’t seen Rodney King’s Last Will and Testament, we do know that if Rodney’s mental state (because of his alcoholism) was impaired, the person most likely to be influencing his decisions would be his live-in fiancée. And if he did recently draw up a new will leaving his estate to Cynthia Kelley and to the exclusion of his daughters, a reasonable person could assume that his fiancée greatly influenced that decision. Worse yet, what if she coerced a drunk Rodney King to sign a new will, completely excluding his daughters from his estate and leaving it all to herself? In that case, it would only be a matter of time before Rodney’s daughters learned the truth and tried to have the will re-drafted to include them.

‘Will Battles’ between grown children and parent love interests are the most common of all family murders for money.

But here is the real kicker: Cynthia Kelley has been with Rodney King for more than 10 years but he’s never married her. California doesn’t recognize common law marriage; so the only way that Cynthia could inherit ANY money from Rodney King’s estate would be to be included in Rodney’s Will or Trust.

Do you think Cynthia was happy about not being in line to receive his money?

What if I told you that Cynthia Kelley was one of the jurors from the civil court jury that awarded King the $3.8M dollars? Wouldn’t that give her an even larger sense of entitlement to that money?

Most people are unaware that Cynthia Kelley — one of the twelve jury members who awarded $3.8 Million dollars to Rodney King in his civil suit –
Who killed Rodney King?

A short list of unofficial suspects would start with Rodney King’s fiancée Cynthia Kelley.


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