MW Investigates: Powdered Human Fetus Pills Discovered on Black Market!

Powdered Human Fetus Pills Discovered on Black Market

by Shane Ray

I never knew a bizarre form of cannibalism was to be considered a cure for a medical ailment, but maybe the lovely people of South Korea know something I don’t.

In a bizarre discovery officials in South Korea intercepted an underground exchange of about 17 thousands pills containing powdered flesh of human remains — namely babies and fetuses.

Allegedly the grim market is coming out of China where corrupt medical personnel are tipping off equally corrupt manufacturers when babies die, are stillborn or even aborted. Once the bodies are acquired, they are brought to underground facilities where procedures such as medical drying is conducted and the flesh is crushed, grinded and compressed into powdered form.

Officials in China claim to have been aware of the trade and claim to have set procedures to stop it, but have thus far been unsuccessful. China is known for alternative remedies to cure medical ailments such as eating placenta to improve health and even ground up horn of rhino.

The biggest concern in the United States is that these pills are being sold on the internet which can cause a larger demand for desperate sick people around the world which will make blunting efforts to produce these pills even more difficult.

The human fetus pills are made of mostly aborted and stillborn human fetuses and are believed to improve circulation and stamina but South Korean health officials warn that no conclusive research has ever proven that and the powdered remains can be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

Grizzly reports state that some babies could have possibly been left in the rumored “death rooms” to deliberately die in order to profit from the smugglers and shady business men who demand the remains to resell to the manufacturers.

South Korean officials would prefer to keep diplomatic peace with China, so the primary authority resides with their own government to handle these cases.

What does this have to do with muscle growth? Who knows but once the rumors swirl about human baby flesh pills having an ability to improve human performance and increase muscle mass by 1,876% you can bet that bodybuilders worldwide will be itching to get their hands on these pills just as fast as they want to get their hands on raw hormone powders also smuggled from China.

Because if baby water is better than regular water, just imagine the benefits of baby protein!

Baby-Lyze, anyone?


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