MW Investigates: Anna Watson and Anavar

In case you missed our feature story last week, it concerned the suspiciously muscular University of Georgia Cheerleader Anna Watson who somehow came to the media’s attention with a whopper of a story: Anna, as she tells it, was chosen over hundreds of competitive bodybuilders, fitness models, and figure competitors to be the recipient of a “$75,000 contract offer” from an as-yet unnamed supplement company.

MuscleWeek exposed the unlikelihood of this actually happening by pointing out that even the most famous and well-known fitness model, Monica Brant can’t command that much of a salary. In fact, most fitness models and are barely compensated at all for endorsing supplements and representing these companies at Expos and stores, with the models receiving a tiny stipend or free supplements in exchange for their services.

MuscleWeek called BULLSHIT on Anna’s story right from the start — beginning with the whole $75,000 contract story — and ending with our own analysis of Anna’s physique, which we concluded was the result of, ahem, supplemental testosterone. But what about the middle part of the story — that this phantom supplement company offered her $75,000 but only if she agreed to take a non-steroid product called Anavar.

For the uninitiated, Anavar was a trademarked name for an actual steroid (oxandrolone) made by Searle (now Pfizer) Pharmaceuticals during the 1980′s and 1990′s and sold via a prescription. Anavar — the steroid — is no longer produced legally. But interestingly, in 2003 a man named Jared Wheat registered the abandoned trademark and his company (coincidentally, based out of Georgia) Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals began selling a product called Anavar. Now, MuscleWeek cannot say whether that product contained the substance oxandrolone or Hi-Tech was simply misrepresenting a placebo as Anavar, but Jared Wheat, the CEO of Hi-Tech was sentenced to 50 months in prison for selling generic knockoffs of legitimate products using an off-shore manufacturing plant.

But just to leave no stone unturned, MuscleWeek contacted Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals — the only company of whom we are aware is selling a non-steroidal product called Anavar — and asked them if they knew of Anna Watson and whether they were the company who offered Anavar and the $75,000 contract to her. Here is their reply:

And so, the plot thickens. Here is a nervous and jittery Anna Watson responding to our article on Inside Edition yesterday:

Watch carefully as she seems to grow nervous admitting even to using whey protein — feeling the unnecessary need to explain that it’s found in milk. Between the proselytizing and the fumbling, our BS Detector is going off the charts.

There’s going to be a break in this story soon. Because, as we always say at MuscleWeek: Behind every woman with large muscles is a boyfriend holding an empty syringe.


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