MuscleWeek SAVES Gold’s Gym Venice from Destruction!

MuscleWeek SAVES Gold’s Gym Venice from Destruction!

By Jason Stern

For some reason, MuscleWeek isn’t given a lot of props in the bodybuilding community — probably because we’re the only guys with big enough balls to tell the truth while everyone else is busy complimenting the Emperor on his invisible coat.

Oddly enough, most of our props have come from other sources. ESPN, Fox News, NBC, and LA Weekly are just a few of the respected sites and blogs that have correctly recognized MuscleWeek as THE VOICE of bodybuilding. So when we broke the OFFICIAL news that Venice Google’s Geeks were planning to give Venice Gold’s Grunters the boot as of June, 30 2014, a mad media scramble ensued in which the suits at Gold’s Gym International (GGI) switched gears to damage control (continuing to deny that such a move was imminent) and the dorks at Google Corporate realized that making enemy with 1,500 juiceheads across the street might be hazardous to their health.

The result?  A flurry of telephone calls between Google’s Real Estate VP and the CFO of GGI, in which they both agreed that the best move for both parties might just be for Google to let Gold’s sublet its current space at 360 Hampton Drive for an additional TEN YEARS.

Currently, the parties are still trying to iron out the fine print, but expect a deal to be hammered out by the end of the year — extending the life of Gold’s Venice until at least 2024.

The best part is that none of this could have happened without MuscleWeek’s investigative journalism and the interview with Gold’s icon and lifelong bodybuilding fan Ed Connors that set all of the above chain of events into motion.

MuscleWeek wishes to thank Ed Connors for his continued support and friendship along with LA Weekly’s Simone Wilson for staying in constant communication with us throughout our efforts to keep Gold’s in Venice. Most importantly, we would like to offer ourselves a congratulatory slap on the back.

Thanks MuscleWeek!


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