MuscleWeek Investigates: IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Vinny Galanti

A MuscleWeek Investigation by Special Ed

“Hey, Schmoe, did you hear? Vinny Galanti is competing again! Woo Hoo!” Okay, so that’s probably one thing you DIDN’T hear lately in your gym locker room, while trying to put on your underwear without revealing your post-shower shrunken johnson to the creepy ‘lingerers’ sitting around on the locker room benches eyeballing your junk.

Vinny Galanti is so old, he’s been competing since the days of ESPN’s American Muscle Magazine. And without a little help, he’d probably still be trying to win his IFBB Pro Card. But more on that later.

First off, let’s take an honest look at Vinny. The dude barely even resembles a weight lifter when he’s off the sauce. Serious bodybuilder?? Bah humbug. What serious bodybuilder takes an entire YEAR off going to the gym and spends it eating McDonalds and letting his body go to shit? And there wasn’t even an injury to excuse it! Does that sound like a guy who loves the iron and can’t imagine missing a day, let alone a week in the gym, or does that sound suspiciously like a bodybuilder who understands that there is little to no point in training if one is neither juicing or competiting?

Apparently, he’s six weeks out of a contest that no one cares about or will go see. And Vinny wants you to know that he’s competing. In fact, Vinny has been known to ask forum members to post up news about his ‘career’ at his own request because it will ‘seem more legitimate’ coming from someone else. C’mon Vinny, you’re almost 50 for Chrissakes!! How about growing out that vagina and posting your self-promoting crap under your own name like Steve Namat and the rest of the pathetic, over-compensating, attention whore midgets.

In any event, regardless of how awful his condition is or how little muscle he carries, Vinny will always be the recipient of gift bags from the NPC and IFBB for single-handedly helping to torpedo Wayne DeMilia’s PDI bodybuilding federation.

If you recall, throughout the late ’90′s and early 2000′s, Vinny was a perennial top 3-5 National contender — the prime example of ‘forever a bridesmaid’. A well-balanced physique but no stand-out bodyparts and a little thin on muscle compared to his competition. When DeMilia was recruiting for his federation, fellow Italian New York-area Bodybuilder Vinny Galanti was an obvious choice for the new federation.

Vinny, being a bodybuilder, committed verbally to Wayne and then formally signed with the PDI. Whether Vinny was savvy enough to know that the NPC/IFBB would come running at him with promises of a Pro Card or whether he was simply being a flaky bodybuilder is still unknown.

Whatever the case, after discussing the matter with Manion, Chickerdildo, and several others, Vinny went ahead and publicly committed to the PDI, posting on a public forum “Chick made the point of having my Procard with the IFBB seem great, but after nine years [of unsuccessfully trying]…I doubt I’ll get it .”

Wayne went ahead and announced Vinny would be competing in the Night of Champions and printed posters and other media advertising Vinnie as being a part of the organization.

What happened next is open for speculation, but here’s what I think: Either the IFBB used Vinny as a mole to obtain information from Wayne and set Wayne up by having Vinny merely PRETEND to be seriously interested in competing in the PDI or else, (and more likely), they went into panic mode when Vinny announced he was leaving. With a top NPC guy going to the PDI, what would stop other top NPC competitors who felt they deserved better from also jumping ship. We already know that Manion was having Chick act as a middleman. But Chick shouldn’t have had ANYTHING to do with the NPC and Vinny was not an IFBB Pro, so any conversations between Galanti and Chick surely focused on the possibility of Galanti obtaining his pro card by remaining with the NPC. If you have ever dealt with the NPC/IFBB and their cohorts, you know that they love to use intermediaries to communicate their message to permit plausible deniability that those conversations ever occurred or that they were aware of them.

What I and many others suspect is that Manion, through Chick, strongly hinted to Galanti that he would win his Pro Card if he stuck it out and stayed with the NPC. That wasn’t enough for Vinny. He needed more than a hint. He needed a GUARANTEE. And so, after very publicly leaving the NPC for the PDI, the IFBB and NPC suits scrambled. How could they use Vinny to torpedo the PDI? Easy enough. They waited for Wayne to spend his money and put together his Night of Champions materials and promote Vinny as the new face of the PDI.

And then they fired the TORPEDO.

A single call from Bob Cicherillo to Vinny Galanti sealed the deal. A PRO CARD. A GUARANTEE.

Chick did the dirty work. Vinny took the deal. And both of them were officially ‘made men’. Willing to compromise their morals and integrity for promises of future employment and riches.

What do you think? Did Galanti really have a ‘change of heart’ after committing to the PDI or was it a telephone conversation and a ‘change of mind’?

You decide.

Vinny Galanti Defects from the NPC to the PDI

It has been a very tough decision to make for me, should I do this or not…should I try one more time at the Nationals or go for the Masters Nationals next year.

The PDI is an area of bodybuilding that has never been traveled, as of right now some don’t believe the NOC wont take place.

I have been competing on the NPC National level since 91, and through the years have won my weight class in 3 national contest, I have traveled the world guest posing and doing seminars, And even have a contract with UNIVERSAL NUTRITION for the past 9 years.

I owe all my success to the NPC, but at this time in my career…it’s time to move on, I feel I have reached my max. I don’t believe I can go any further…so i’l try something new.

I have talked to Shawn Ray, and Bob Chick, and they both make great reasons for staying with the NPC.
and AS OF THIS PAST WEEKEND…I was going to stay, but…after talking to my wife about the pro’s and con’s of switching or stay….Chick made the point of having my procard with the IFBB seem great, but after trying 9 times…I doubt I’ll get it.

I have nothing bad to say about anyone with the NPC, everyone has been great…and I hope to continue with the relationships that have formed from the years I was at the national level.

Shawn, Bob…thank you for the advice….


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