Muscle Monster Meals Opens in Venice

Muscle Monster Meals on Wheels Invades Venice

Move over Firehouse, there’s a new Sheriff in town. One with a better location. And better food.

Muscle Monster Meals

At Muscleweek, we all know how important it is to prevent catabolism at all times. And at Gold’s Gym in Venice, that sentiment is on display every morning as I see cars circling around and around the front parking lot, passing up an abundance of available spaces a mere 200 feet away in the rear parking lots, solely to prevent the devastating loss of muscle tissue that is sure to accompany those extra 400 steps. Not only could those steps break down an athlete’s hard-earned muscle, but the mere thought of having to walk a few extra yards is enough to induce a cortisol release that could stunt growth for up to eleven years!

No way. At Gold’s Gym, we circle until we get our spot. And if we can avoid walking back to the car, driving the one block to the Firehouse, circling for parking and walking from the Firehouse lot into the restaurant itself, then the muscle we save could very well make us an Olympia contender by month’s end.

All of which brings me to Muscle Monster Meals — a brand new restaurant on wheels that is currently occupying valuable Google street real estate in front of Gold’s Gym in Venice. Owned and operated by Leilani Madrid, a stunningly beautiful woman of Hawaiian descent, Muscle Monster Meals offers fare ranging from steak to pork to chicken, with a slightly islander twist together with bodybuilding staples like broccoli, yams, and brown rice. Leilani, a member of the gym, came up with the concept two years ago and then spent the next twenty months caught up in the bureaucratic log jam also known as the Los Angeles County Permit System.

With the paperwork finally complete, Leilani and Muscle Monster Meals opened shop on Gold’s Venice’s doorstep last Monday and the rest, as they say, is bodybuilding history. For my fellow Gold’s trainees teetering on the brink of catabolism following a cardio session consisting of two miles on the treadmill at precisely 3.2 MPH, do not despair. Salvation lies inside the green monster of muscle meals.

Despite my cold and congestion, I sampled the steak and brown rice, and if the stray dog’s incessant whining and begging was any indication, the food is fresh, aromatic, and delicious (okay, I gave him half my bowl).

Bob Bowl, consider this your 30 Notice to Vacate.


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