Max Muscle Field Trip

A Visit With MadMax

So on Wednesday, after our ridiculously short ‘shoulder’ workout, Topskin and I headed over to visit Madmax at his new location opposite my favorite Venice spot – Whole Foods.

Topskin was a little hesitant to accompany me, what with the history between them of Madmax accusing Topskin of stealing a vintage 1987 Flex from his Max Muscle store back in the day.

Nonetheless, at my behest, Topskin pushed aside the bitter memories and joined me in this adventure. We were at the store at 10am sharp, but no one was there so we headed over to Whole Foods to check out the ‘scenery’ and by ‘scenery’, I mean hot Westside ass.

Fifteen minutes later, we returned to Max Muscle and from the looks of that Prius with the customized vanity MADMAX6 license plate, I knew we had hit paydirt. Dave (MadMax) greeted us cautiously — were we two thugs coming to knock over his store or just two bodybuilding douchebags looking for the ‘edge’? While I asked him about various products and what was flying off the shelves, Topskin interrogated him about his bodybuilding clientele and whether a ‘hardcore bodybuilding store’ had a chance this far away from the hardcore bodybuilding douches back at Golds. Dave told Top that most of his customers weren’t actually hardcore at all — they were just regular joes and sheilas.

I asked Dave if they had any product samples. As you guys know, I like Dave and think he’s a cool dude. And proving that my instincts about him were correct, he not only offered me some product samples, he lifted a massive box of samples up on the counter and instructed me to ‘take whatever and as much as you want’. There must have been over 100 packets of protein, pre-workout mixes, fat burners, and Animal vitapaks.

Needless to say, I stocked up on a variety of items (for review purposes of course!) and we bid a fond farewell to Mr. Bourlet.

One more thing, though. At one point in our conversation, a certain east coast judge came up and Dave made a comment and rolled his eyes, indicating to us, that despite toeing the line publicly, Jay Cutler’s BFF is actually a true blue MuscleWeeker at heart.

We at MuscleWeek wish Dave the best of luck with the store in their new location and I promise to blow at least $20 bucks a month there in the just as soon as that MuscleWeek corporate Amex card comes through!


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