Lou Ferrigno Fired From Celebrity Apprentice

Lou Ferrigno Fired from ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

It took Donald Trump 10 weeks to learn what most fans have learned in a mere 10 minutes: Lou Ferrigno is an unbearable asshole.


After riding other people’s coattails for nine weeks on NBC’s The Apprentice, The Donald finally did something right by shitcanning the useless slab of steroid-inflated muscles known as Lou Ferrigno.

Ferrigno, who has never met a $20 bill he didn’t like, is widely disregarded amongst bodybuilding fans for his distasteful penchant for charging fans $20 to sign an autograph or have his photograph taken with them at bodybuilding expos. While this practice may be acceptable at Comic-Con and other conventions where has-been TV heroes go to beg for scraps, it is extremely frowned upon at bodybuilding expos where past and present Mr. Olympia champions (Ferrigno never actually won bodybuilding’s most coveted title) freely sign autographs and pose for photos with fans.

Ferrigno, who hasn’t really done much of anything since ‘The Incredible Hulk’ vacated the airwaves 30 years ago, somehow continues to draw interest from fans despite being little more than a larger version of a six-year old working the lemonade stand every weekend.

Donald Trump threw Lou a bone by re-inserting Lou into the public limelight for a few weeks. Hopefully, his Hulk-sized ego will shrink back to Bill Bixby-like proportions once a week or so passes.

No one ever said it was easy being a washed-up bodybuilder, has-been actor, and overpriced circus performer, but then again, that’s the price of being permanently entrenched in Hollywood history as a D-list footnote.

It’s too bad so many people (including myself) were fans of the original Hulk series. Otherwise, Big Louie might be forced to actually get a job instead of separating starstruck, middle-aged dads from $20 that was earmarked for taking their boys to lunch.

And how cool would it be to walk into a McDonald’s and look a giant douchebag in the eye and say, ‘Supersize it, Hulk!’


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