Labrada Lean Body Shake Review

For the lazy bodybuilder, there is no greater sight to behold than the gift of the Ready-to-Drink (RTD) protein shake. The concept that you can bypass the scoop, the mixer, and the clean-up for a measly extra two bucks is particularly appealing to this reviewer who hasn’t made his bed since moving out at 17 years old.

At the 2008 Arnold Classic, while others forage for t-shirts and packets of protein powder samples to take home, I find inner peace and happiness refilling my 2 oz paper cup at the MuscleMilk potpourri booth of magical flavors.  As the dominant product that boasts superior taste, MuscleMilk has had little competition to date. But to my surprise, I found a worthy challenger in a 1 oz dixie cup at the Labrada booth. The Contender: Lean Body Protein Shake available in Vanilla, Banana, or Chocolate.

Finding the Banana flavor at full retail price at my local GNC and going against every rule of my existence, I forked over FOUR DOLLARS (!!!) to see if my pallet receptor memory was still intact. I twisted off the cool patented cap that magically broke the seal and lining and then took a swig.  Mmmmmmmm!!! Like a chemically-enhanced, laboratory-grown banana-pudding-turned-liquid, the flavor shot me a “Wassup, homey!” before gleefully gliding down my esophageal slide.

I tried to stretch my money by drinking half the box, but at just 11 ounces, that’s about as masculine as wondering if Bo and Hope will ever get back together. I did the only manly thing I’ve done this year and slammed down the rest of the box, making sure to throw in a “Hell Yeah!” and fist-pump just in case anyone was watching.

Sure, drinking a banana-flavored protein shake in a cute red and blue box might not label you as the Alpha-Male, but just imagine the confidence you’ll gain knowing that all 40 grams of protein are going straight to your muscles, even if it’s at your wallet’s expense.

Rating: **** (4) out of ***** (5)

Hey, FOUR BUCKS is almost enough gas money to get me home from GNC!


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