Jean Loveridge: Diary of a Mad ThaiTalian Woman

Thank goodness Muscleweek’s Senior Editor, Shane Ray has built up some good frequent flyer miles because this time he took another Boeing out to sunny Santa Barbara, California where he met up with rising Women’s Physique competitor, the spicy Jean Loveridge at Spectrum Club Gym on West Carrillo st. where they discussed the gym life, switching from Bikini to Physique and the fact that she doesn’t date lazy unemployed bodybuilders who wear HOT BODZ in public.

MW: Jean. Welcome to Muscleweek. It’s a pleasure for you to meet me. So let me get this straight. You are a model first and a competitor chick second or is it the other way around?

JL: [Laughter] Now that`s using the word “MODEL” lightly. I once read a PAINFUL post by Issac Hinds about using the word “Model” to describe ones self, lol. It wasn`t directed towards me, just a generalization but it still hit home. I don`t get paid to model so I don`t wanna confuse anyone. I just would never would use that term! This is all a hobby for me…
I`m as green as a model as I am a competitor, actually. I need more experience in the industry to be able to categorize myself as ANYTHING. I`m just another person in the long line of T&A around this neck of the woods.You feel me?

MW: You seem to get around, Jean. Geographically, I mean. From California to New Jersey and back again. Is Kati Perry correct with what she says about California girls?

JL: To be honest, I`m more of a Jersey girl. California is too laid back for me. Jersey is way more competitive and fast paced. Most people don`t realize how beautiful the Garden state is! All they know is what they see in The Sopranos. Jersey is awesome, and the girls are wayyyyy cuter and who wants to live by the ocean and NOT EVER be able to actually swim in it cause it`s so FRICKIN COLD!!! I`d take the Jersey Shore over Laguna Beach any day of the week..”fogetaboutit!”

MW: What got you into this circus known as the bodybuilding industry? Were you naturally a gym rat or did you start dating some turd burglar bodybuilder who talked you into it?

JL: This is how it happened! I became friends with this girl that competed and she asked me to be her workout partner. I went to her show and decided that I wanted to compete. My gym at the time was filled with competitors so everyone kinda put in their 2 cents about my diet and training, it was a hot mess to say the least.
Was I a gym rat?….probably in my own mind though. I really felt like I looked like Jenny Lynn or something. I really thought that I was gonna win shows and kick a lot of ass. I was kinda mistaken, I think I was a legend in my own mind.

MW: So what shows have you done and what did you learn from them?

JL: I have competed in the Golds Classic, Mountain Valley Classic, Tournaments of champions, San Francisco Classic and Eastern USA’s. What did I learn? That I definitely need an NPC card to get in…

MW: Looking a pictures of you makes me want to tell you that bodybuilding is not in your cards and you seem you’d be a little out of place for bikini. Have you thought about Physique?

JL: Why does everyone say that! Can`t a girl dream? I have been “told” to do bikini…doesn`t really matter what I want, it`s what the judges want to see! I`ll be that girl in body image therapy camp that is 100lbs but when asked to draw myself, I draw Iris Kyle (in heels).

MW: In your honest opinion what is the major difference between Figure and Physique? Is it simply a matter of posing and high heels?

JL: I think that that is an appropriate observation, I still think the physique girls are a taddddddd bit more lean and hard and somewhat muscular. GOD! I wish they would let you wear heels in physique!!!!!

MW: Are drugs as dominant in Physique as it is in bodybuilding? Many argue that switching over to physique from bodybuilding is simply a matter of lowering the dosage and switching from Figure to Physique is a matter of upping your dosage. Is any of this true?

JL: I don`t think that it needs to be. I think that a lot of people are scared of hard work and proper diet. I mean when someone decides that they want to compete, it`s like “I wanna do this NOW”. How bout just try putting in the time and the work and deal with the drug issue later. I think that it depends on the person, I`m sure that some feel like they need it, some don`t. It would make sense that someone not needing to be AS big and muscular would need less drugs.

MW: Are bodybuilding competitors in general athletes? Would you say the term ATHLETE correctly identifies those who step on stage to showcase their bodies for a panel of judges? Isn’t contestant a more appropriate term? What are your thoughts?

JL: OMG, some of them run quite a bit, I guess that’s athletic? Some of them do CrossFit now.
You know what? We like to do Mud Runs and Spartan Races so we TOTALLY are athletes !!!!
Don`t be hatin!

MW: What is the long term goal here, Jean. What does a PRO CARD bring you except another annual $200 debt?

JL: I can`t live in LALA land and think that I`m going to get a Procard anytime soon. It`s not even in my 5 year plan…um, and BTW I think the Procards are like 350$ now, going up with the price of gas and milk you know? On a serious note I would love to compete again, hopefully at the end of the year.

MW: These days most people hire a nutritionist or a prep coach. Are you or have you ever been a member of the secret society known as Team Bombshell or do you work with a private individual?

JL: Here is my stance on Bombshell-ism. I can`t lie and say that I haven`t been a fan. Over the years I have referred 3 or 4 friends that are currently on the team that have had major success with the program. I also have to say, I haven`t seen a BAD looking one take the stage yet. I don`t pay attention to the politics and the behind the scenes too much but I`m going to have to be on their side a little bit because the training/nutrition seems to work! Bottom line is I love the look and I love the posing and I endorse the program. Those girls work hard! I think Shannon needs to send you an invitation to “super camp” and take you through the whole thing. Now THAT would be awesome! Practice your lunges and jump squats now because you know you love those “Bombshell Booties!!!!!

MW: Jean. On Muscleweek we don’t make a secret about what tranwrecks girls who get into bodybuilding competitions become from obsessing about their calories, their carbs, their abs and if Pro Tan works better than Jan Tana. What keeps you level headed or can you relate to those girls who cry over eating a prune that wasn’t on their scheduled diet?

JL: Protan does NOT work better than Jan Tana under any circumstance solet`s just get that straight.
I`m going to be real. I have been on both sides of the fence when it comes to crazy vs. not crazy
I have gotten VERY upset at my better half for having “bad carbs” in the house, have even cried over it. I have felt like everyone in my life is insensitive to my feeling and “goals”…I don`t know how anyone keeps a level head actually. I think those who don`t own up to it are lying. Diet time is always crazy pants times so you always feel entitled and superior to all mankind, I just came to the conclusion (after a week of off time and many cheat meals) that I am not curing cancer or solving world hunger. I just love the ones that talk to you one on one and are like ” I hate this”…blahblah. Then turn around on FB and post some overly positive message from god…and it`s not just the girl. The boys are JUST as guilty for being dieting psychopaths!

MW: The judging is so subjective girls spend days online trying to encrypt what the judges are looking for now driving themselves into further insanity. Do you feel the judges are looking for anything concrete or is it a game they play so they can reward the most politically connected without being held accountable to criteria?

JL: There is definitely a criteria -and I am not being sarcastic. I think that we need to give the judges a little more credit than that. I think the competitors tend to be the crazy ones that get all hyped up and make stuff up in their heads…I feel like it`s kinda an urban myth about bodybuilding. Does the politics play a part? SURE IT DOES! I mean, 100% but I think that that is just human nature to gravitate to competitors that you know or see around the industry more. Competitors, especially the gals, like to keep themselves in a semi tortured state like the world is crashing down on them so negativity is ALWAYS a must just so that they always have stuff to cry about. Heck, your a beautiful woman standing next to a bunch of other beautiful women getting judged based upon your LOOKS alone so that’s a tough pill to swallow sometime when you are carb depleted and probably if tested would be legally insane. It is just easier to blame the judges for the fact that you had no ass or blame that girl who had her suit made my CJ [James] which had more bling on it or the girl that won OBVIOUSLY gave out some favors. Proof justified.

MW: Like Attracts Like or does it? Please tell me you don’t date a broke bodybuilder who lays on your couch all day and drives your car until it is on E. Who is Jean Loveridge’s main squeeze these days? He is employed, right?

JL: My main squeeze stays out of the industry and actually has a real job. I think that I’m the one who drives his car till it`s on E. I think that couples need to have similar interests so he goes to the gym and cares about his nutrition but he can care less about the scene or competing.

MW: You meet many people through the very small bodybuilding community. Some very good and some you won’t be Friend Requesting anytime soon. Can you generally tell who is good people and who has a hidden agenda while being a part of this industry?

JL: I have been fortunate to have many great friends in the industry. I have a good relationship with Stan Efferding who is knowledgeable about the fitness industry and doesn`t ever seem to have a hidden agenda. I like his insight and advice. He basically does this as a hobby and that’s mostly what it should be, right? Also, Dusty Hanshaw and his wife are good friends. They have a great relationship and seem to stay far away from the industries ins and outs. Therese Janc has been one of my best friends and advisors in my journey. Shes strong and has a way of thinking that is dynamic. She thinks outside the box and has the biggest heart in the world. Isn’t she also your publicist and social media director? I`m really lucky to have these people in my life. I will quote Emo Men’s Physique Competitors’ facebook statuses when I say.. “I`m just so blessed” [Laughter].

MW: Jean. I have to imagine your inbox on facebook is loaded with creepers soliciting and proposing. You have any funny tales of the weird & wild about some schmoe on facebook? This one girl we interviewed told us about this guy who offered her $100 for a bottle of her urine.

JL: I mean I`ve had it all happen. The proposing seems to be the worse. I had a detailed message once about setting up a webcam in a specific area for money. I`m not even going to go into detail about it, too gross and I deleted faster than I could read it. Message to people – Have some damn respect and manners !!!

MW: Fun Stuff: Ready? If you can promote one message to humanity what would it be?

MW: Describe for us your fantasy date from morning to night. Go!

JL: [Laughter] Now that’s a loaded question! It will take me all day for me to get ready for the date because I don`t just wake up looking THIS good (insecure female in me). Soooo we’d have dinner at one of those Brazillian meat stick places. We’d desert at BJ`s Brewery because I like the “pizookie” which is basically a giant cookie served slightly undercooked a la mode. Then maybe a kiss goodnight! I promise I never wear a metallic short dress with holes on the side and hooker heels from the electric boutique on a date, so PLEASE guys don`t ever wear any HOTBODZ gear. Sheesh!

MW: If you knew you were going to be trapped on a desert island for a year and you can bring 3 items with you what would those items be?

JL: Protein powder, my iphone and a Squeem.

MW: If you could have any super power from a comic book what would it be?

JL: I’d want to have the ability to be invisible! Imagine how fun that would be.

MW: Who is your industry hubby? Whose glutes do you want to squeeze?

JL: YOU ARE!! Bend over I wanna squeeze! No. Even better. Let me rub your bald head, Shane.

MW: Jean. Is there anything you would like to promote? How can one contact you for possible modeling work and/or sponsorship opportunities?

JL: Just add me on facebook . Please. Creepers need not apply!


– Favorite Movie: Reign of Fire.
– Last Book You Read: Fall on your knees.
– Favorite Song: Love you like a love song ! repeat repeat repeat…
– Last Time You Cried: Today! god! my traps hurt!
– Favorite Color: Blue.
– Favorite Alcholic Drink: Margaritas.
– Favorite Cheat Food: Hamburgers.
– Favorite Exercise: SQUATS.
– Favorite Sports Team: The Yankees baby!


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