Interview with the Uber-Sexy Shelly Albetta

Twenty One Question Interview with IFBB Pro Shelly Albetta

One time, I told my girlfriend I was gonna kiss her where it stinks…so I took her to New Jersey. If you’ve driven up 95 on the New Jersey Turnpike, you know what I mean. Smoke stacks, chemical plants, oil refineries, and more Cracker Barrels than any state should legally have. But Jersey isn’t all bad. After all, they gave us Springsteen, this year’s Superbowl Champions (Giant Stadium sits squarely in the marshlands of North Jersey) and the luscious Shelly Albetta, right? Who, you ask? Well, if you haven’t heard of her, you will soon. On an extended lunch break, MuscleWeek Senior Editor Shane Ray caught the Jersey Transit train from Muscleweek’s Manhattan Office to check in with stunning and sexy IFBB Pro Figure babe Shelly Albetta.

Albetta Twins

Shelly & Twin Sis

MuscleWeek: Hey Shelly, how the heck are you? How often do people call you Shelly Belly? Does that get annoying? Tell us a little about yourself.

Shelly Albetta: I’m actually doing great. Shelly Belly? Wow! Can’t say I’ve heard that one in a while! A little about me. I am 29 years old, and I work full time in sales and as an account manager for my father’s print company.  Slowly working my way up the corporate ladder! I have an identical twin sister (Figure Competitor) Betsy (Albetta) DiGiovanni, who happily married to my brother-in-law, Josh.  The three of us own a 2 family house together — I live downstairs, them upstairs — and it works out great!

MW: You’re from New Jersey. When I think of New Jersey I think of Bon Jovi, Cinderella and the New Jersey Devils. Are you a fan of any of the three?

SB: Ironically, no (laughs). I prefer R&B, not into cartoons of any sort, and hockey doesn’t grasp my attention on any level.  But YES im born and raised Jersey Girl.  You know the saying, “You can take the girl outta Jersey, but you can’t take the Jersey outta the girl”.  I’ll live here for life.

MW: So how did you fall into the whole competitive Figure World?

SA: My Bro in Law was a bodybuilder when him and my sister started dating.  I attended his show and for the first time discovered Figure.  The bodies of those girls grabbed my attention and respect, and from that moment I knew it was something I was going to learn more about until I also was up on that stage.

MW: You’ve been around the competition circuit for a while beginning in 2006. You just recently won your pro card at this past Team Universe. Is that correct?

SA: Well the competition season of 2012 will be my seventh year competing.  I believe Team Universe 2011 was my 17th show, and yes it is where I turned pro.
Albetta Bikini
MW: I know you are now a proud home owner and you have a lot going on but what is your long term competitive plan? Ms. Olympia? Ms. International?

SA:  Honestly, I have never based my success in this sport on my actual rank.  I have always told myself that there are so many beautiful women out there with amazing bodies, focusing on them is a waste of time. All I can control is ME.  So year to year, my goals have always been to improve upon my physique.  To look more balanced, complete, poised, and professional.  Year after year, I believe I have achieved that!  And this year will be no different.  As far as where that will take me…. we will see!

MW:  Let’s get a bit more serious. More girls than you think believe once you win a pro card that there are endless amounts of opportunity and money just waiting for them to take. How true is that?

SA:  Well I haven’t competed as a Pro yet, but I’ve been around the industry long enough to know that its very difficult to make a living off of JUST this sport.  I love competing, and probably always will…. but its secondary to my career in business, which ultimately pays my bills and will secure my future.  As far as other opportunities, I am a firm believer that you have to go after whatever you want in life.  Nothing is going to fall into your lap.  You have to go a go-getter.

MW: You compete in Figure. Your objective is muscular but not overly done. Lean, but not shredded. What’s the difference between Figure and Women’s Physique now? Is it only a matter of posing?

SA: I think as Women’s Physique grows and as we see the Pros compete, the lines between the two will become more clear.  But from what I can currently tell, WP is a leaner dryer slightly tighter look, with poses that demonstrate the female physique differently than that of figure.  Figure to me is all about shape, and creating the illusions of big shoulders, tiny waist, and nice quads while remaining feminine.

Albetta abs


MW: Some hardcore Figure girls feel a certain amount of resentment towards the Bikini competitors. How do you honestly feel about Bikini and their astronomical numbers on stage these days?

SA: Well bikini has definitely come a LONG way from the first shows it was introduced in.  The competition today is FIERCE and these girls are looking more and more amazing.  I’m not going to knock bikini —  it’s just not for me.   Many of the physiques in bikini are admirable and I commend these ladies for doing their thing… I just prefer those who keep it classy on stage.

MW: How necessary is it for you, Shelly Albetta, to be with a nutritionist? Are you an Oddo Angel or Fitness Factory girl? I’m afraid to ask, but are you a part of the Bombshell Cult?

SA: I’ve been a Fitness Factory girl since Day One.  I know my body pretty darn well after this long.  But it still feels good to be held accountable, and to not have to worry about what to eat come prep time.  So Mike Davies is and always will be my Savior.  He has been with me since my first show, and has help be grown to where I am today.  I will always be thankful for him and Julie.

MW: A stereotype plaguing Figure Girls is that lots of them have deep psychotic issues. It’s been said most serious Figure competitors struggle with Bi Polar Disorder or other mental or physical ailments. What are your thoughts about that?

SA: Well that’s a loaded question (laughs).  I’d have to say just like in life, you come across an array of people with different personalities, histories, backgrounds and issues.   I prefer to stick to those who I know and trust….who do not have any of the issues stated.  I can’t speak for the rest of the figure chicks out there, so I will plead the fifth! (laughs heartily)

MW: I don’t know your status but do you get down with hardcore bodybuilders? Is it natural for a girl so into her body and the stage to want to be with her male counter-part?  What kind of dudes does Shelly Albetta find attractive?

SA: An attractive guy to me is a guy who is confident in himself and know how to treat a woman RIGHT- with respect.  Also he must  take care of himself, mentally and physically.  Most importantly a guy who can handle a strong independent woman.  Good guys are hard to find!

Albetta Bikini 2

MW: In the upper echelons of competitive Figure how necessary is it for some girls to dabble in alchemy and chemistry to produce a desired result? Can it be done with just smart supplementation and strict training?

SA: I don’t believe anything is necessary.  I believe top girls will come from both sides of the fence…. some will dabble, some will not…. and at the end of the day it will never be the deciding factor in placings.  There are way too many other factors that effect the way a figure girl looks on stage. period.

MW: If you can change one thing about the bodybuilding industry or Figure world what would it be?

SA: Ha just one???  Just kidding — not really! Hmmmm…. one thing? I’d change the recurring theme of many of these girls in the industry…. insecurity.  I’ll leave the answer at that! (Winks)

MW: You support yourself through modeling work and personal training. What else does Shelly Albetta do besides model, work with clients and train? What else are you passionate about?

SA: As stated above, I went to college for Marketing, and I have been in business for six years.  That is how I support myself.  Anything extra I do in this industry (training. modeling, etc.) is all extra!

MW: Okay. Funny stuff. If you were going to be trapped on a deserted island for a year what 3 things would you take with you?

SA: 1. My IPOD (how could I survive without DRAKE?); 2. Chapstick; 3. My fave blanket (comes with me everywhere)

Ryan Gosling Abs

MW: Who is your Hollywood Husband?

SA: It’s a tie between Mark Wahlberg and Ryan Gosling.

MW: Okay, don’t think too much about this one: F-Marry-Kill:  Jay Cutler.  Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Kai Green.  Go!

SA: WOW YIKES! Murder Arnold, cuz he’d come back anyway…. he’s The Terminator!  Marry Jay- 2 blondes look good together (laughs). Sleep with Kai??  I guess that was by default?? (Cracking up)

Albetta Lift

MW: Let’s talk about Facebook Schmoes — Annoying as hell or do you love all of your fans?

SA: I’ve weeded them out over the years… got some creepy dudes out there (laughs) but all in all I’m a classy chick and try to remain nice until someone crosses the line!  But I got nothing but love for anyone that supports me! (Winks)

MW: If you could recommend ONE supplement for the aspiring Figure competitor what would it be?

SA: Protein Powder.

MW: Is there anything you’d like to plug or represent? How does one get in contact with Shelly Albetta for modeling work, sponsorship and everything else in between?

SA: Well for now my FaceBook page is the best way to contact me. I  haven’t gotten to making a website just yet…. I might have to contact Vendetta Marketing about that, but we will see what 2012 brings!

MW: Word Association:  I drop the name and you think of the first few words that come to mind.

SA: Okay, let’s do this!

JM Manion?

Head Honcho

Aaron Singerman?

A character!

Erin Stern?


Albetta Beach

Monica Brant?


Shannon Dey?


Governor Chris Christie?

Ughh! I hate politics.

MW: Thanks for sitting down with MuscleWeek, Shelly. We wish you the best of luck in 2012!

SA: Thank you, Shane! Congrats on all of the success with MuscleWeek!


For sponsorship or professional opportunities, Shelly can be contacted via her Facebook page.


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