I Hate Shelby Starnes

For the record, I’ve never spoken to, texted, friended, unfriended, called, pranked, or emailed the nutritional and diet God commonly referred to by mortals as Mr. Shelby Starnes.

But it seems like no matter where you go these days, someone is shit-talking that OTHER ‘handsome man with glasses.’ What strikes me as odd about this is that people dog Hiney Rimjob and others for doling out advice without having ‘walked the walk’ but then when we have a guy like Shelby who not only talks the talk but actually takes the risk and puts himself out there to be judged and WINS, he still gets a boatload of crap.

If people hate on Shelby for being ‘too self-promotional’, I’d hate to hear what they’d say about Tony Robbins, Tony Little, Tony Soprano or any other successful person who took their destiny in their own hands and made something from nothing.

The bottom line is that unlike nearly EVERY OTHER GURU out there, Shelby is putting his name and reputation on the line by stepping on stage wearing nothing but a thong and contact lenses and proving his detractors wrong. Could he remember to Pro-Tan his face? Of course, but that doesn’t warrant all the disparaging remarks. Could he lose the coke bottle rims? Sure he could but Donald Trump could lose the bad hair and Bob Cicherillo could lose the pirate shirts. But they don’t. Why? Because it’s their SIGNATURE.

Shelby’s brand is modeled after another successful American icon: SUPERMAN!

By day, he’s Clark Kent — a bespectacled, mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Mail (T-Nation) and by night, he takes off the suit and tie (and pants, socks, shoes, shirt, glasses and underwear) and morphs into a real-life Superman with inhuman muscles and a penchant for sending emails to girls he works with. Sure, in this episode, Lois may have a deeper voice than Clark and he’d be lucky to lift her up much less fly away with her, but the point is the same: A Hater like Blockhead gets a real (gay) Superman tattoo on his shoulder but Shelby Starnes wears an INVISIBLE ‘S’ across his chest. That puts Mr. Starnes up 2-0.

Haters wanna hate, but why pick on a successful bodybuilder who’s backing up his talk with his walk?

Oh yeah, because he’s SUCCESSFUL. Successful at competing. Successful at writing. Successful at coaching. And most troubling (to me), successful at registering ShelbyStarnes.com before I did!

shelby starnes

Shelby Starnes

The most hated word in the industry is SUCCESSFUL. If you succeed, you will be hated.

So don’t fear the hate, Shelby.

Embrace it.

And for the record, Special Ed LOVES Shelby Starnes.


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