Heather Policky Rocks Out

Heather Policky Rocks Out: A Glen ‘Flexington’ Steele Interview

When he’s not busting heads as a member of Northern California’s elite criminal justice system, MuscleWeek Features Editor Glen Steele is following in the schmoe-steps of David Palumbo by fawning over women with muscle, and in this particular case, OODLES of muscle. Today’s subject is Heather Armbrust-Policky, who won the 2009 IFBB Miss Olympia, but somehow received the 2nd place trophy in a travesty of Ronnie Colemanesque proportions.

Glen recently had Heather sit down on him sat down with Heather at San Francisco’s top restaurant Benu to discuss Heather’s rise to the top of bodybuilding heap and where she goes from here.  BTW Glen, you owe me $278.34 for this meal!

MUSCLEWEEK: First of all Heather can you tell us a little about yourself? Where are you from? When did you lose your virginity? And what are you doing to keep yourself busy lately?

HEATHER ARMBRUST-POLICKY: You do realize that is already like 3 questions more than we agreed on? Jeez! I am originally from Cozad, Nebraska. I got into bodybuilding in the 6th grade when I met a female bodybuilder that owned the local fitness center. I fell in love with it. I did not start training for bodybuilding until 21 while living in Texas. I started competing quickly and did well, winning. I eventually turned professional and did pretty good there too. I have worked with other bodybuilders for years and co-owned a gym for a while. I love animals, traveling, reading, food, porn and other movies, the beach, and music. Lost my virginity? Which time? To the male or female? Can it be considered losing your virginity if it is a female? It was 8 or 9. I am rebuilding my life since my divorce. Taking clients on again and networking like mad to let everyone know I am back and better than ever.

MW: Most people know you as a multiple IFBB Pro show winner and second place finisher at the 2009 Olympia. How did you initially get into bodybuilding?

HA:I just kinda answered that. I lifted from 6th grade on but very off and on through high school. I grew up reading Muscle and Fitness and Flex. Loved it! I loved muscles.. future bodybuilder shmoe.

MW: Recently it was published in Flex magazine that you had retired from competitive bodybuilding. Can you tell us what caused this decision? Do you ever see yourself ever setting foot on an IFBB stage again?

HA:I had such an horrible nervous breakdown that led to me backing out of the 2010 Olympia and I was angry about all the shit that was happening in my life. I was a nightmare. I just didn’t want to ever go down an unhealthy road again once I had gotten healthy. I felt bb had robbed me of myself and integrity. Once I was able to step out of it and look at how much I loved it in a new healthy frame of mind I definitely had the desire to go back on stage. I plan on being back on stage in 2013. I have a ton of support and love backing me, and a new healthy attitude.

MW: Here at muscleweek we’re fans of both mens and womens physique. Now I remember hearing that you were thinking about competing in WomensPhysique. Do you still have those plans after seeing the first Womens Physique shows, which look like figure with bodybuilding posing.

HA: No, I have decided it will not be the fit I was looking for. I think it is still too figure-ish. I wish it was a little more of an in between. I don’t think it showcases the physique that I want to have. Its just not enough of the in between I had hoped for. I was hoping it would it would be more Cory Everson/early Lenda.

MW: Speaking of Womens Physique. Whats your opinion on this new division? Do you see it as a positive avenue for women to compete and display their physiques or is it just a way for the npc to make more entry fee money for the hundreds of shows around the country each year.

HA:I think it is a great idea but I don’t like that it is not a true mix of bb and figure. It seems a little bland. I still like it though. I do think it is a positive option for competitors but I also think it is a great way for the NPC to make more money. Smart move.

MW: This new Womens physique division was created because Female bodybuilders were getting too big and straying too far away from the look of the original female bodybuilders like Rachel McLish and Cory Everson. Do you think that womens bodybuilding can stay alive and even succeed after its lack of support and loss of fanbase in the last decade or so. Or has it reached the point of no return?

HA: Wrong. It was created so the woman that are a little too big or muscular for figure had somewhere to go. I don’t see a lack of support for fbb. It is alive and well. I had a client contact me the other day saying she didn’t even get any attention as a figure competitor. It wasn’t until she did bb that doors opened. Fbb are a novelty and the good ones are very elite. Beautiful fbb are few and far between in comparison to the figure/bikini girls. People love to see something that is rare or unobtainable. There is a fascination with it. Everything in the industry revolves on bb. IF they truly wanted the fbb to be smaller and less extreme they would not reward the extreme. Lenda Murray even said that every year they would push her to be more extreme. At least with bb the guidelines aren’t quite as abstract. With figure and especially bikini it could go so many different ways in the judging. Theres like a hundred woman that would make a justifiable Figure Olympia and only 2 or 3 fbbs. As long as there are competitors, there will be fbb comps.

MW: Heather you were having your best year as an IFBB Pro in 2009 after finishing a solid 4th at the Ms. International then an amazing 2nd at the Ms.Olympia. Then you stopped competing. Would you care to share why? And do you still follow bodybuilding?

HA: I think 07 was probably my best. Won the Sacramento, 3rd at my first Arnold and 5th at my first O. It was cause of a divorce and a major nervous breakdown that led to me taking a lot of time off. Something in me had died. I lost everything and with it my love for bb. I did not follow it for a long time but started to once again in Jan. I do love it.. I was just mad at it for a while. It didn’t do anything to me, I just handled shit wrong.

MW: Ok enough about the competitive side of bodybuilding. Lets talk about what everyone wants to know about. The SCHMOES!…Whats your thought on schmoes? Do you find it creepy that someone who has most likely never had sex with a women and is a social reject is the main supporter and financial supporter or not only female bodybuilding but bodybuilders in general?

HA: Well, since you put it that way! Damn! LOL There are those guys but most are very normal dudes. Some of it is undeniably creepy, yes. I have a love hate relationship with them. I have never been attracted to regular bodies so I get it. What I don’t get is how someone that doesn’t even work out can desire a bb so much. There is something to that that I find odd. We all have our likes and turn ons. Im sure most the people reading this have a porn collection or a furry suit they put on to masturbate, so what makes that ok but the skinny 56 year old accountant is a freak cause he likes to wrestle with muscular woman for his own sexual release? That’s his thing. Is it creepy to me that he wants to wrestle me.. yes, but I don’t judge that. Its like the media having a hay day with a juiced wrestler killing his family while 50 other dudes killed their families that same week, but know one knows about those. We focus on what is brought to light and we love to thrive on the negative.. no matter how fucking positive you say you are! Its just more prevalent and talked about in bb like it is some negative thing. It does take away from the fact that these are talented athletes but fbb and some male don’t get the respect from the industry that they should anyhow which is obvious in its lack of financial support. I know that the top pros get much less weird schmoe related shit. I get very little. I do have what may be considered schmoe fans but that’s cool with me as long as they are respectful and don’t talk stupid. I don’t think of them as schmoes. Ironically guys that are not bb and support fbb are instantly labeled schmoes and I think that is totally unfair.  NO ONE in this industry is qualified to judge shit! Like we talked about, these people take themselves WAY too seriously thinking their opinion is serious business. There are people in it doing way worse stuff than asking some big ass bitch to carry them around. I know plenty of them personally. Its just easy for a bunch of insecure assholes to belittle others so they can feel better and take the heat off their dirty laundry. Some of those same people are at home with their kiddy porn. Sexual drive makes the world go round.. it motivates and sells. Its all in how you want to look at it. If you give the schmoe world a negative connotation.. then that is what it means and that is what the industry has done.  The guys have their schmoes too which is even more taboo.. and way less talked about. There are so many different weird ass fetishes and underground freaky things that people do but just cause its not spun negatively like our industry does with schmoes we don’t think about it. I think the schmoe thing is given way too much energy. The “schmoes” that follow and support me are very much like me. They just love a body with muscles. Can I blame them? I don’t even call them schmoes though. There are things that do creep me out but I don’t give it energy. I may get a little pissed at it for a second, shudder, then I move on. My advice to the schmoes is to at least go lift some fucking weights.

MW: Staying on everyones favourite topic. What is the craziest request you’ve ever received from a schmoe? And whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done for one?

HA: Ummm.. this is tough. I have been offered a lot of money for sex. Video of me having sex. That’s not really weird, just messed up. This is stuff that any random guy could possibly want.. not just a muscle obsessed schmoe. Kick to the balls, beaten up, asked to smell my dirty gym socks.. not anything too weird. It takes a whole lot to shock me though. I fucking hate being asked shit like will you put me in a scissors, carry me. I don’t get it but once in a blue moon luckily. I have kicked a couple around. Which is so not me.. I am such a pris! But the bitch in me comes out and makes it happen. Oh and done some personal flexing videos.

MW: Heather we’ve talked a few times and you have a great personality and an outstanding sense of humour. Which is unlike 9 out of every 10 bodybuilders I’ve ever come across in my life. Do you have a lot of “industry” friends or do you find it difficult because you can laugh at yourself, drink a beer and eat a pizza while watching a rockies game on a sunday night without worrying about how your going to burn it off first thing in the morning or how many empty calories you just took in.

HA: Thank you Glen, very appreciated. I do have a lot of industry friends. My friends are very unique to the industry as I am though. I know right away who I will clash with cause they are the typical toolbox bb. Much like the seriously weird ass schmoe I cannot stand the douche bag bb.. and there are a lot of them. I do have friends outside the industry too and then friends that are just fans of the sport. Those are some of the coolest and best friends ever cause they know what is up with it, respect it, but don’t act like fuck stain bbs. I have learned to be very, very careful with industry friends.. they can be way more dangerous than a schmoe!

MW: Going back to the topic of schmoes. Here on muscleweek we say “we all have a bit of schmoe in us”. And staying true to this Id like to ask you my own Schmoey question. You have outstanding quads and a fantastic ass. Growing up did you have a donkey booty or was that a result of years in the squat rack?

HA: See.. that is not a schmoey question to me. That is totally normal. Now if you would’ve said, how much do you squat cause I would love to feel the power of your legs around my torso.. you are schmoey. Because I started squatting in the 6th grade, yes.

MW: This interview has been a bit too serious thus far. Let’s lighten it up. You can make love to any 3 men on the planet ( at the same time if your into that kind of stuff or separately ) who would they be and why?

HA: OKay, first Alex Audi- Hes got this sexual appeal cause he is funny, charismatic, and sexually in tune to what a woman like me would want.. and a body that is delicious and drives me insane. Second, Dwayne Johnson- Funny, large, fantastic smile and charisma. Third, Jason Statham- Cool, calm and bad ass mother fucker.. and hes gorgeous.

MW: I cant go anywhere without my cell phone and Hany Rambod cant go without his bluetooth headset. Is there anything that you absolutely need on a minute to minute, day to day basis?

HA: Hmmmm.. my iphone! We are dating!

MW: Here on Muscleweek. We have a thread on our message board entitled “When I was a bodybuilding douche” where we tell stories of the days of our bodybuilding douchedom. It’s dozens of pages with stories of how we missed weddings so we didnt miss workouts, took tupperware with 5 oz grilled chicken breast and 2 cups of green beans to 4 star restaurants for loved ones birthdays, and how we wouldn’t touch a piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving because we were “hardcore”. Do you have any things that you’ve done in your bodybuilding past that you look back at and laugh now that you’ve stepped away from the industry for a bit.

HA:I have never been much of the typical bb douche bag. I never have lugged meals around unless I was getting ready for a show type of bb. The douche bags that really kill me are the ones that are so die hard and will never even break top 15 nationally. I still did do some things I am mad I did. I don’t laugh cause its actually painful. I am embarrassed! I put competing so above other things its sick! Then, feel guilty about it and be torn inside. I would miss family stuff, put off doing stuff with the kids, separate from friends, put myself first cause of bb.. which is not a good reason to put yourself first. When I am 64 an Olympia prep will be the furthest from my mind. My friends and family will be right there though.. well, my family anyhow. It was because of how I was battling this inner desire for balance in my life that my life unraveled. I wanted to be doing things like going to Six Flags or the zoo with my step kids in the summer, not worrying about my next meal. Don’t miss out on life!

MW: Being a more muscular girl do you only date other bodybuilders or do you give skinny fat guys who look like short order cooks a shot?

HA: Bodybuilders only! I cant even stand to touch myself if I start getting a little mushy.. I by no means look like I do on stage all the time. I get very soft and curvy. I want my man to feel like a man.. hard. Your body should be the same consistency as your dick. Two hard bodies, all sweaty in bed.. good times! I like big ass dudes. I love being cuddled up with a man with meat on him. I don’t want to feel bones. I am trying to be more open about what I date lately but sex is such a huge deal for me in a relationship that I would only end up unhappy in the long run if I wasn’t 100% attracted to the body. I am stumped by someone everyday why they would think that they would be a good fit for me. Not that I am all that but come on! I looooove a man with confidence so it can be a problem finding a man in the industry. Cool part for me is I can almost guarantee that if a guy is coming on to me he is confident in his equipment. I have to kinda wonder about trusting the gorgeous ‘well built’ bb though. Loyalty is a big deal with me.

MW: Your pretty active on facebook and its a great tool for networking, exposure, and keeping up with your high school and college buddies. But if your in the fitness industry its an outstanding avenue for SCHMOES to get a hold of you. How many weird request do you get on facebook per day and how many people do you have to block because their comments made you feel creeped out like you never have before?

HA: Maybe 1 or 2 a month. Never had to block. Like I said I don’t get approached like that really and I think it is cause I set my boundaries and make them clear. I get some dorky stuff and I do have a huge problem with getting hit on but nothing real creepy. Annoying and sometimes rude.

MW: Everyone loves to to play a game of fuck, marry, kill. Heres three names and you tell me what you’d do to each of them. Dave Palumbo, Isaac Hinds, Jay Cutler.

HA: 3 men.. Fuck em all.. nuff said

MW: Do people that make that duck face and post them all over facebook, twitter, and whatever else they get their hands on make you want to punch them in the face?

HA: Throat.. close enough. I should do a duck face tribute album! I do have some killer lips for it. Watch for it.. summer 2012

MW: Do you think that female bodybuilders are the horniest women on the planet? In my experiences I find this to be true. Whats your thoughts on that?

HA: I am not sure actually. I have wondered that a lot though. We should research into this cause it seems like a pretty important inquiry. I know I am but Im not sure if its cause I am a fbb or cause I don’t get laid.

MW: Okay, word association time. I’m gonna throw 10 names/phrases out there and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind.

MW: Arnold?

HA: Legendary, pervert.. legendary pervert.

MW: Lenda Murray?

HA: Gorgeous

MW: Jim Manion?

HA: The boss.

MW: Kyle?

HA: Machine.

MW: Anal sex?

HA: Party!

MW: Favorite hockey team?

HA: Gay. Next question.

MW: Penoris?

HA: Condition of having a huge penis.

MW: Schmoe?

HA: Will you carry me? Can I touch your bicep? How much do you squat?

MW: Jay Cutler?

HA: Vanilla nice guy.

MW: Aaron Singerman?

HA: Am I suppose to know who that is?

MW: Glen Steele?

HA: Hot, sexy, masculine and hung like a horse. Or so I’ve heard (chuckles).


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