Gizel Speaks: Interview with a Bikini Supermodel

MuscleWeek Bikini Spokesmodel Gizel Speaks: An Exclusive Interview with Gizel Rodriguez

Somehow our Senior Editor Shane Ray was able to corral not just Craig Golias, but his incredibly hot and sexy girlfriend Gizel into sitting down for an interview. After leaving Prime Steakhouse and Goliath behind at the Bellagio, Shane hopped into his waiting limousine and headed straight for Spearmint Rhino, where he was ushered to a VIP table and served a complimentary bottle of Dom Perrignon. Minutes later, he was joined by Gizel, looking spectacularly smoking in a slinky gold dress that left little to the imagination.

In a world of figure, fitness and bikini girls spending their lives on Facebook, trying to get their protein shakes in and their bowel movements out, Gizel is a breath of fresh air — living the high life in both Vegas and NYC — unworried about her protein intake and insisting that she hasn’t pooped in nearly a decade. In short, Gizel Rodriguez is just our kind of girl. So much so, that if you read between the lines here, it actually looks like our dear Shane is trying to run some game on her. See for yourself!

MW:  Would you consider yourself a Sin City Las Vegas Girl or a Big Apple NYC Girl?

Gizel: I’m definitely a Big Apple girl .You can take the  girl out of NYC but you cant take NYC out of the girl!

MW: NY Mets fans or NY Yankees fan?

Gizel: I don’t watch sports.

MW: Have you ever gone out with Alex Rodriguez?

Gizel: Who? (Laughs)

MW: Alex Rodriguez? A-Rod? The dude who dates all the supermodels? Is he of any relation to you?

Gizel: No, but I wish he was!

MW:  Speaking of, you’re nickname is G-Rod. Did Alex steal that moniker from you?

Gizel: I dont think so.  My family calls me Gigi.

MW: That’s not so bad, Gigi.  Try having your family call you ‘Blockhead’.

Gizel: (Laughs) (Reaches out and strokes interviewer’s bald head) I think it’s cute.

MW: (Blushing) How long have you been modeling?

Gizel: Seven years.

MW: Is it something you always wanted to do?

Gizel: Not really…it was something that i just tried and it took a life of it own.

MW: Some of your pics out there are a little risque. Have you ever wanted to model for Playboy?

Gizel: I  think I’m too curvy for Playboy so no, I’ve never really thought seriously about trying out.

MW: Have you ever been to Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion?

Gizel: Yes, I have been there twice.

MW: Any Scott Baio or Pauly Shore stories?

Gizel: (Giggles) I promise to tell a story about one of them in my next interview!

MW: MuscleWeek is a bodybuilding-themed website. Do you normally find yourself attracted to bodybuilders or regular civilians?

Gizel: I like guys that take care of themselves and bodybuilders tend to do that.

Gizel Sunset

MW: Do you mean a dude with some guns and a six pack or a massive muscle douche?

Gizel:  (Laughs) Well, I seem attract monsters! (Giggles) Maybe because my body is so over the top as well!

MW: I wouldn’t call it ‘over the top’ — but then again I’m used to dating strippers. So tell me, does anybody on MuscleWeek have ANY shot with you and if so who?

Gizel: I’m not so sure because you guys are always joking and none of you guys seem to take anything seriously. I want a man that knows when to make me laugh and knows when to get real.

MW:  Okay, I’m serious as a heart attack. Look into my eyes and tell me if you had to pick one of us, it would be me, right?

Gizel: (Blushing)

MW: What is the cheesiest pick-up line you have ever heard in a bar or club?

Gizel: Probably the one you just used! (Laughs)

MW: I can tell you’re falling for me, but I’m still on the fence about you. So tell me something about Gizel that not many people know about?

Gizel: I am very shy and quiet. People always think am this crazy girl because of my shoot and picture  and the way I carry myself when I am out but that’s just for work. It’s a persona  and not who I am when I’m home.

MW: Outside of glamour and the glamorous nightlife, tell us what else interests you?

Gizel: Spending time with my family and friends. Shopping, traveling, dinner, movies…I just love being home and playing with my three puppies.

MW: Do you have any obscure hobbies?

Gizel: I know this will sound weird but I love cleaning. I’m a clean freak!

MW: Then it’s definitely not gonna work out between us because I’m a dirty freak!

Gizel: (Laughs) You’re funny!

Gizel sand

 MW: If you found a magic lamp and out came a Genie and he gave you ONE wish. What would that ONE WISH be?

Gizel: I would wish for a billion more wishes to make!

 MW: That’s pretty sneaky. I see what you did there. What was your highlight of 2011?

Gizel: Buying a house in New York.

 MW: Do you have any plans or goals for 2012?

Gizel: To take more time out to relax. 2011 was a very busy year for me.

 MW: You seem to travel a lot. Any places in the world you absolutely love to visit?

Gizel: Paris and Hawaii.

 MW: Are you coming to Chicago anytime soon?

Gizel: I haven’t been to Chicago in a long time but I’ll let you know when I’m coming back so you can take me out!

Gizel boat

MW: Well I’m flattered,  but I’m engaged to be married so I’ll have to take a rain check on that.

Gizel: Engaged? What does she look like? Show me a photo!

MW: (Pulls up photo on Blackberry)

Gizel: Ohhhhh my. She’s so sexy!

MW: So tell me, if you were stranded on a desert island and had to bring with you only THREE ITEMS. Which items would they be?

Gizel: My iPhone. My puppies. And some Mint Creme Oreos!

MW: What is your favorite website?

Gizel: (laughs) and of course MuscleWeek!


So here’s the scoop — the interview was supposed to continue for another 15-20 minutes, but Shane being the PUA he is, chose to drop an Artificial Time Constraint (ATC) on Gizel and tell her that he had to interview Tera Patrick at the Venetian, so the interview was cut short in the name of Seduction. Regardless, Gizel is the exclusive Bikini Model of MuscleWeek and we’re happy to be able to spend quality time with such a quality woman.


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