Finaflex G8 Review

Finaflex G8 Review by Blockhead

The year of 2010 brought us the hip hop club anthem from The Far East Movement G6 but in the dietary supplement  world a new company rose out of the ashes like a Phoenix which happens to be their logo.
Enter: Redefine Nutrition. Redefine made big waves in the nutritional supplement/sports nutrition industry with their FINAFLEX line. An innovative company looking to change the game and the way it’s played in this market offering new ideas in formulation of products and unique combination of compounds using what is proven to have effect on body composition and ridding itself of useless fillers and other junk that is used to make a product looked “stacked to the max”.

Last week I was able to try a sample packet of their Rest/Recovery formula known as G8. Sleep aid formulas have been getting popular as of late. We’ve always heard that we grow and change from rest or when we sleep and the most savvy of serious trainers know that natural release of growth hormone is released during deep sleep. There is definitely something to be said about the benefits of quality sleep. Something so misunderstood and so abused. We live in a society that dubbed the phrase “Sleep? Overrated. I’ll sleep when I’m dead”. Lack of deep sleep accelerates the aging process and gradually works against our complex human bodies wrecking havoc in a long run and blunting real gains and change we work so hard to induce.

I know what it’s like to lose sleep. Being a rotating shift worker who still hit the weights I often find myself at night tossing & turning trying or flipping my pillows over and over again. I’ve tried Tylenol PM and even Nyquil but both can make me feel groggy and achy the next morning. Then I tried G8.

I knew based on some of the ingredients that I would have to try it on a day when I don’t have to be up at 6am for work so I picked “my Friday” and poured one packet (one serving) in a glass of water right around 11:00pm. It turned the water into a green murky color but to my surprise it was quite easy to drink. The Lemon Freeze tasted like juice with a slight hint of that medicine-like aftertaste. Tolerable.  Like usual I laid in bed and posted on and did my round of creeping facebook and downloading music. By 11:30 my eyelids were heavy and sand filled my eyes. I knew it was time to log off and post another day.

What I noticed 11hrs later…

That’s right. I slept like a slumbering dragon for an uninterrupted 11 straight hours. Not once did I toss & turn or wake up to empty my childlike bladder.  Here are the dynamics on how it works:

Recovery/Sleep Inducing Matrix – It has L-Glutamine, L-Arginine and L-Dopa in it. L-Dopa is known to be a mood elevating compound that studies show has an effect on our serotonin levels or “feel good hormones”. Glutamine & Arginine I am guessing to support anti-catabolism while we sleep giving us a trickle of important amino acids in our bloodstreams. Also, it has phenibut in it which is actually a prescription drug in Europe used for sedation and promoting calmness and well-being. Very powerful and works much better than the active ingredient in Benedryl in my opinion.

Mood Elevators: Besides the L-Dopa it also contains Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine and 4 butanoic acid, 2 amino -3 propanoic acid.  All chemistry jargon for other active ingredients that can help increase a positive feeling of well being, recovery and restoration of body functions impaired by lack of quality sleep such as sex drive and sensation.

It has Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 in it which I am not sure why exactly. I’m surprised it doesn’t have Magnesium and Zinc in it giving it a ZMA feature.

I woke up feeling as light as a feather and full of energy that can’t be obtained from some STIMULANT or favorite thermogenic. Nothing was aching and it didn’t take me time to “get going”. I wasn’t groggy or crabby like I usually am in the morning before I start my day with coffee and newspaper. I was Alert & Orientated and ready to take on the day. In other words. I felt young, ready, willing and able.

If anything I would say that a full serving might be a bit too much. Most people work most days during the week and I am inclined to believe that a full serving may make you sleep through your alarm on your cell phone and miss work or be very late. The way I would advise to use this product would be on the days you have OFF the next day where you can afford to sleep in a bit but if it were to be used on a nightly basis I would recommend that a half serving or 3/4 serving be used to assess your personal tolerance. I also would suggest it be cycled and tapered off a little. In other words it should be used strategically and responsibly. It’s very effective and worth the price of admission.


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