Charles Glass Encounter

This evening, I left my building to walk over to Ralph’s, which is about 100 yards away. I waved hello to my neighbors upstairs, the lovely Candace Cameron from Full House and her former NHL-playing hubby Val Bure. So you know, Candace is still smokin hot and in great shape though I am yet to see her poolside in a bikini.

Anyway, I walk into Ralph’s and immediately see the well-regarded Charles Glass with a cell phone pinned to his ear, together with his girlfriend who I would Love to describe but would much prefer to show you pictures of.

I ask Charles if I can speak with him when he is done with his phone call and he obliges. A few minutes later, we shake hands introduce ourselves appropriately enough, in the supplement aisle. I adopt my standard technique of flattery before digging for nuggets of info which I shall share here (calm down Block!)

– Cormier “drops in for a workout once or twice a week.” (Bwahaha)
– Victor Martinez is moving to LA to train with Charles (or to hide from his investor after shutting down his Muscle Eatery)
– Melvin lives kinda far away in Riverside but still comes in to train at the Mecca 2x/week.
– Charles lives 45 minutes away in Valencia but is at Golds every morning for his workout at…(wait for it) FOUR AM!!!! Charles says he works for Optimum Nutrition, though I neglected to ask what he does.
– He just got done working with Roc Shabazz
– Charles considers himself to be strictly a trainer and is now teaming up with George Ferah, who will handle nutrition for Team Glass-Ferah.
– I forgot the rest of the conversation because I was too busy trying to figure out if and when Charles
sleeps because I bumped into him at 8pm and assuming he was grocery shopping for dinner with the missus, we can assume dinner and some grinding and then the ride back to Valencia gets him home around 10-10:30pm. Then he’s gotta wake by 3am to get dressed and to Venice by 4am. For whatever reasons, I was looking deeply into his eyes to try to gauge how tired he was and whether I would be able to wake up at 3am to tittie fuck Salma Hayek, much less shlep to the gym.

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