Brooklyn’s Finest: Amira Lamb & The Lion

Muscleweek’s Senior Editor, Shane Ray on another business venture in The Big Apple never stops working.  Always on the hunt and hungry like a wolf  for a new story or new interview for . Often interviews are conducted in the most obscure places on a whim. Standing outside the American Airlines terminal at La Guardia Aiport, Shane Ray spots the wild haired and beautiful Amira Lamb about to get into a cab. Using instinct and a little bit of experience he rushes over to the cab and says to her…

“Hey. Thanks for getting the door for me. My name is Shane. You can take this cab with me if you want but you if you do then you must do an interview with me for .”

With a coy laugh and the power of persuasion, Amira agrees and the 2hr cab ride to Brooklyn paid off and Shane didn’t even make her pay for her ride.


MW:  Amira. Welcome to Muscleweek. This has to be the 3rd time this year I’ve been to The Big Apple. Right off the bat tell me what the best movie ever made in NYC is and don’t say Home Alone -2.

AL: So many good movies were made here. I’d have to say either Coming To America or Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


MW:  I was leaning more towards  KIDS  or  The Warriors but Coming To America was great. You told me once that you are a full-time fitness professional. Explain to me what exactly you do and give me some more information about your company – Hollistic Hottie.

AL: I’m a New York City-based certified trainer, group fitness instructor, nutrition & holistic lifestyle professional, and entrepreneur. I’ve been passionate about exercise, nutrition and holistic wellness for most of my life – so my company Holistic Hottie Inc provides online and in-person individualized coaching to individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle and their best body.


MW:   Have you always been really involved in the fitness industry? I can tell you’re very passionate about it. What led you in this direction?

I grew up studying gymnastic and dance plus idolizing al the fitness gurus on TV like the 20 minute workout ladies, Gilad, Donna Richardson, Kiana Tom, and Cory Everson.  And then as soon as I turned 18 I got certified to teach group exercise.  I went to school at Umass Amherst and there I designed my own major concentrating on exercise science, health promotion, nutrition and business. After graduation I studied and certified through NASM, AFAA, Power Pilates, Stott Pilates, the CHEK institute, and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

MW: I have to ask you. As a woman of ethnicity has it ever been a challenge living a lifestyle of clean eating and regular physical fitness? I spoken to many Figure & Bikini girls in Chicagoland who are black and most of them told me they face adversity from their family, relatives and friends on a regular basis as this lifestyle doesn’t fit in the norm of their culture or upbringing.

AL: I’ve never really cared what others thought about my eating and exercise habits. I’ve never felt any peer pressure to eat a certain way to fit in.

MW: You agree that the best medicine is preventive medicine, correct? Why do you think the AMA pushes the dependency of prescription medicine instead of living a lifestyle of discipline and common sense? Are we as a country doomed?

AL: Living a lifestyle of discipline and common sense doesn’t fit the culture we have of immediate gratification. Plus that kind of lifestyle isn’t what makes huge corporations rich. As a country we are not necessarily doomed. There are pockets of growing awareness all around the country. But if the nation made a cultural shift that embraced discipline and common sense, our economy would crumble.

MW: Do you feel the fitness lifestyle is still considered taboo in our country? I think people who do not eat, drink and smoke to excess levels are considered lame by society stigma. Will people who live the fitness lifestyle ever get past the stigma of living on carrots & celery and being in the gym for 8hrs a day?

AL: I think it’s lame to eat, drink, and smoke to excess levels. But it’s also lame to be in the gym 8 hrs a day. Excess generally is not a good thing. Regarding the stigma – I don’t see it.

MW:  Let’s talk about the competition aspect of you. So you’re a Bikini girl in the NPC. How did you find this circus? With all due respect you got in the game at a later age.

AL: I’m a national level bikini competitor with the NPC. I’ve followed the sport of bodybuilding and fitness for quite some time. When bikini came onto the scene, I liked that aesthetic and finally decided to compete right after my 35th birthday. I won my first show (Metroplitans in NYC), qualified for nationals and placed 4th in my height class and 4th in masters at Team U. So yes,  I started later in life than some but it hasn’t hindered me any way in my opinion.

MW: Do you see yourself more of an athlete or a pageant contestant? What’s the main difference between a Hawaiian Tropic show, Toddlers & Tiaras and bikini in the NPC?

AL: Definitely an athlete. Hawaiian tropic is a model contest with an evening gown round in addition to bikini. While some NPC bikini competitors are also bikini models. I think the majority of us are athletes first. We train hard. Are you really trying to compare what I do with Toddlers & Tiaras?

MW: Lots of girls put thousands and thousands of dollars into a prep with suits, trainer, travel, food prep and so many other things. The return is usually if not every single time absolutely nothing. I’m not financial adviser but how does one justify that?

AL: People compete for different reasons. For me, it suits my lifestyle perfectly. Plus it makes me a better trainer and coach. 

MW: It is no secret that competition in the most commercially successful organization for bodybuilding is very political and often said corrupted. Are you realistic about the end result of competition for you or do you have aspirations of winning a pro card and living the life on endless opportunity and riches like so many do?

AL: Politics are in every competitive sport or event where the judging is subjective rather than quantitative. You see that in gymnastics and competitive dance as opposed to something like volleyball or swimming. Would I like to achieve the status of IFBB Pro? Sure. But i don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I enjoy the competition world and take it for what it is. I’m there to create my own opportunities and build my fitness and holistic lifestyle brand – Holistic Hottie Inc.

MW: Should a girl these days even bother competing if they don’t have the right trainer or Team affiliation? Gone are the days when competitors didn’t have any of that. They used a mirror only and hoped for the best.

AL: I think so. Especially if it fits their lifestyle already or if they just want to set a personal goal.

MW: You seem to be a well traveled and well cultured girl. You’re articulate and you seem to have a lot going for you. Is it safe to say that you don’t ever date broke dick dog loser unemployed competitive bodybuilders? I assume your significant other has a J-O-B with health insurance and a future, correct?

AL: [Laughter] That’s correct, Mr. Shane.

MW: A common expression is Shit Rolls Downhill. Back about 10 years ago when Figure came on the scene the female bodybuilders resented them as did the Fitness girls. Now with Bikini it seems that they are the whipping girls. Is there a feeling of tension or resentment backstage at these shows or is everyone one big happy supportive family?

AL: I tend to be oblivious to any displays of tension or resentment backstage. So in my opinion it’s one big happy family.

MW:  What is the goal here for Amira Lamb? IFBB Pro Card? What happens after that? Let’s talk long term here.

AL:  My primary focus is on developing my fitness and holistic lifestyle brand Holistic Hottie. Regarding competing – I have some pro qualifier shows I am entering.  Let’s see how I do there and then I’ll get back to you.

MW: Let’s have some fun now. Okay. Who is your industry husband? Whose glutes do you just want to squeeze and pecs you want to motorboat?

AL: [Laughter] Ummm. I think I’ll keep that one to myself. Next question, Shane.

MW: If you can kick one person in the bodybuilding industry square between the shoulder blades who would it be?

AL: I said I do want my pro card so I’m not answering that! You’re trouble. I can tell.

MW: If you knew you were going to be stuck on a desert island for a month what 3 items would you bring with you?

AL: Good question. Let’s see. Stevia extract. My iPhone and a Swiss Army Knife.

MW: Supplements: Which ones do you find most beneficial?

AL: Nutrabio’s glutamine, a quality magnesium and Ignite Natural’s Adrenal Reboot.

MW: If you can change one thing about the bodybuilding industry what would it be?

AL: I’d like to see more natural and whole foods-based supplements promoted in industry magazines such as Nutrabio and Ignite naturals.

MW:  Okay. Fine. If you can change one thing about the world what would it be?

AL: [Laughter] That sounds like a Miss America question. Where do I start?

MW: Amira. You survived an interview with That wasn’t so bad, was it? What would you like to plug or promote? How does one get in contact with you for possible sponsorship or modeling opportunity?


AL: My email: My company website:

 Twitter:    Nutrabio: Ignite Naturals: (10% off with code: hhottie)Miracle Clay:\

Favorite Clean Meal: Any organic/wild/pastured lean protein with a Korean sweet potato and a little coconut oil.
Favorite Cheat Meal: Lulu's Maca Chunk Chocolate Bar. But I'll even eat those up until the last week before a show..
NY Rangers or NY Islanders: Rangers!
Yankess or Mets: Mets.
Chicago style pizza or NYC style pizza: I don't eat pizza. Don't judge!
Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts.
Favorite Gym: New York Sports Clubs.
Favorite Song: It's impossible to narrow down but I could listen to just Prince and Bob Marley for the rest of my life and be content.
Concert You See Every Year: Prince
Favorite Drink: Water.
Favorite Vacation Destination: Someplace warm with a world-class spa, beach, gym, farm-to-table dining and a zip line. 


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