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Female Bodybuilder Brandi Mae Interview

Hours after Muscleweek Senior Editor, Shane Ray exited the Bellagio after catching Cirque du Soleil’s Zoomanity with old friend and forbidden fruit, Jennifer Cowan, Shane received a text message from an unfamiliar number that read…

“Hi, Shane. Heard u’r in town. Would love to meet and interview w you”

It turns out that it news travels fast and it is truly a very small world. With Jennifer agreeing to play my Wing Girl and after hailing down a cab to get down the congested Las Vegas Blvd we arrived at the lavish Encore Beach Club where we met up with Cabana goddess, NPC bodybuilder and video vixxxen, Brandi Mae.

MW: Brandi. Welcome to Muscleweek. It’s a guilty pleasure to be here with you. You know Jennifer, correct? Tell us a little something about yourself and what the heck are you drinking?

BM: A little about me, I am a fun, sincere, and compassionate person who takes no shit from anybody and gives no thought to what other people think or say. I have brains and beauty and love the fact that I INTIMIDATED many! I am ambitious, down to earth, and sweet; however, I can be a massively bossy bitch. On the other hand, I love to have a good time and laugh until I wet my pants despite how much I work my kegel muscles [Laughter]. Thank goodness we are in this pool. Oh, this? This is called a Bahama Mama. Here. Try it…

MW: I like it. Thanks. So you are originally from Dallas, Texas. Go Stars! This is a two part question: Are things really “bigger” in Texas and what made you move to Sin City?

BM: Things really are bigger in TEXAS. OBESITY IS THE MAIN THING THAT IS LARGER, however, the women in Texas are thick and curvy with BIG ASSES, which is great!!! I moved to Las Vegas because I wanted to experience living somewhere less conservative and simply because it just felt like it was the right time and the right thing to do for me at that point in my life. I LOVE IT and have no regrets. Don’t you just love it here?

MW: It’s nice. It’s vivid here and busy. Big city life is wearing on me, though. Honestly, I am more attracted to Texas these days than here. Ask me 5 years ago I would have given you a different answer. So tell us how the heck you got involved in the circus of bodybuilding? Natural transgression from sports? Most men get involved from having sand kicked in their faces as teenagers. Did some jock QB in some Texas Highschool not ask you to prom or something?

BM: Actually, I never went to prom and dropped out of school when I was a JUNIOR in High School. I was always a TOM-BOY and was always athletic. I ran track with the boys and simply didn’t have many female friends, unlike now. I grew up in low-income environment and spent a great deal of time outside, playing sports with the boys in my neighborhood. As far as bodybuilding, there was actually an EX-boyfriend of mine who said (when I was 18) that I had the perfect look for fitness modeling, he was an amateur bodybuilder at the time but told me I could not do anything in the sport or with my physique if we broke up!!!! That was a huge joke because this same EX contacted me after years just a few months ago still trying to tell me what and how I need to do with my career and business[Laughter] male egos in this sport are simply comical!!! But I do owe him a large THANK YOU for being such a JACK-ASS!

MW: I always like these gym agents or gym doctor guru types, Brandi. Nothing makes me laugh more than a bodybuilding douchebag. So were you always a bodybuilder from the get-go or did you start off in Figure?

BM: I did start off in Figure, however, Figure competitors back then actually had muscle like when Monica Brant use to have huge legs and a butt. That thick, curvy, dense muscle look was the look of the figure girls when I began competing almost 10 years ago now it’s all over the place. There is no criteria anymore. It’s all apple & oranges now.

MW: I interview lots of competitors from Las Vegas. I contend that Las Vegas is the new Mecca of bodybuilding cities. Is the scene of the (702) very conducive to the bodybuilding lifestyle?

BM: I have noticed a great deal of bodybuilders in the Vegas area recently and now with the new BIKINI and PHYSIQUE MEN I am sure it will turn into a MECCA as every STRIPPER is a bikini competitor and every guy under the age of 35 is competing in the Men’s PHYSIQUE and they are probably all male escorts and strippers themselves let the truth be told.

MW: Of course they are. Some Men’s Physique competitors moonlight as former Mr. Olympia’s loverbois. [Laughter] Story for you two after I finish a few more of these Hurricanes. Brandi. Do you normally stay strict when you prep for a show or do you let loose during your prep and tear up The Strip on Friday nights at all?

BM: Well, first off I don’t go out and party at all, really ever besides tonight but that’s because you two are here. Over the last year and a half, I have made great changes in my physique. I feel bodybuilding especially if your income is generated off of your physique should not be seasonal as the prep is just that much harder. You NEVER see Jay or Iris in horrible shape; there is a method to the madness!!!! The method is consistency, discipline, and not being lazy at anytime during the year.

MW: Lots of girls who compete in higher levels of bodybuilding go off of the deep end and transform themselves into abominations of a Wes Craven movie. How is it you can carry so much muscle and remain so feminine looking and sexy?

BM: Great question and if I sound mean forgive me but despite my “supplementation cycle” I actually TRAIN HARD and I am not STEROID DEPENDENT. Once again, I repeat, I AM DISCIPLINED and CONSISTENT ALL YEAR ROUND! I started off with a foundation of muscle and did not build a foundation with juice. A large misconception for male and female competitors are that supplements build the body and it is really the exact opposite. You use the supplements as an additional resource and tool. Longevity is important and so is being female. If you are a bald by the age of 32 and have a horrendous acne problem and your vagina looks like roast beef then you are obviously using the wrong misinformed trainer!!!

MW: It is no real secret how you make a living. Did you gradually slip into the sex industry from hanging around the bodybuilding scene or did you actually WANT to get into the virtual and voyeuristic world of sex and the camera?

BM: I will so be judged for this answer but bodybuilding didn’t turn me onto the sex industry….what turned me onto the sex industry was the fact that muscle fans want to see real FEMALE BODYBUILDERS bumping and grinding…fans want to see real EROTIC MUSCLE FANTASIES…Not to mention, I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I am a ham in front of the camera and a true me it is a TRUE ART Form and a craft..there is only a special few girls (in this industry and mainstream) that are naturally “gifted” at what they do! I honestly get TURNED on having sex on camera and I believe it shows in my work. I believe all fans of female sex (whether niche or mainstream) want to watch women that enjoy being on camera and showing off, it makes the FANTASY AUTHENTIC and allows the viewer to feel as though they can get lost in the FANTASY and allows them the ULTIMATE experience since many will never be able to experience the fantasy in real life. I do not believe it is as negative as our PURITAN AMERICAN values have deemed it to be. Women in other countries have been idealized for generations for being sex objects. I believe I have a true gift and I have to use my gift to it’s maximum capacity..or else I am doing an injustice to myself and muscle fans!!!

MW: I believe there is a direct correlation between bodybuilding, bodybuilders and the porn industry. Do you find that also to be true? Let’s face it. You can’t deny bodybuilders are some of the most lazy and freeloading people around.

BM: I find that to be actually very true and untrue on many levels. Contrary, to the contradiction, many people in the fitness industry are pretty self-righteous regarding sex and nudity especially many female bodybuilders. However, the correlation begins not with the porn industry itself but with the sessions & escort aspects that many female bodybuilders and now many fetish performers are into. My own actually personal issues are how “SESSIONS” have become so common and so devalued which makes no sense to me. How does a HIGH PAID ESCORT MAKE $1,500 for a full service hour and yet a female bodybuilder who is in a NICHE makes $300 for not only full-service but the muscle aspects as well? It seems very backwards, if you ask me.

MW: Maybe you girls should Unionize, Brandi. [Laughter] Texans have deep roots in conservatism. How does your back home friends and family take to your lifestyle of sex & muscle?

BM: Well, I don’t really have much of either. I have a small family and certainly not many friends. Either way people close to me know that I AM GOING TO DO WHAT I WANT TO DO. Either you get on the train or you get off but either way the BRANDIMAE train is progressing forward with or without you.

MW: On that topic. Do you feel you get treated differently being a female bodybuilder and a porn star? Is it hard for you to trust the true intent of a person?

BM: I certainly wouldn’t consider myself a PORN STAR, though I have been asked by a few mainstream companies to shoot/film. But yes, of course I get discriminated against and treated unfairly anticipating how judging will be as well this year but I certainly didn’t expect anything different. This industry is a total contradiction on many levels as a lot of sexual notions happen behind closed doors at the top of the chain, however, the discrimination comes into play for anyone who doesn’t allow themselves to be EXPLOITED.

MW: Now you’re talking, Brandi. is dedicated to exposing competitive bodybuilding for what it really is. So do you probably get lots of e-mails from schmoes. Can you share any funny stories about some bizarre requests? I know a female bodybuilder who sends one of her “schmoes” her urine in a bottle.

BM: Well, first off I DON’T consider anyone a SCHMOE as that sounds derogatory in my opinion. Muscle Lovers support US as FEMALE BODYBUILDERS when OUR own organization does nothing but discriminate against something that they enabled and perpetuated but to answer the question, I probably get the same requests as many other women with the bodily fluids request. For sure.

MW: Is an IFBB Pro card the end result of bodybuilding for you? Do you feel your occupation may prevent that from happening? I can’t see that happening if Kai Green has a pro card but what are your thoughts on that?

BM: I have no doubt that my occupation might hinder a PRO status but the PRO status is not the only reason I compete. I consider myself a TRUE athlete either way and no PRO card status is going to deter me for doing what I love to do and certainly not going to deter me from generating income. In my opinion, anyone who bases decisions based on a PRO status that is steadily handed out to BIKINI models has a great deal of reevaluating to do. Not bashing or speaking negatively about bikini competitors as they are all beautiful and well deserving of what they obtain, but the larger picture and the point I am trying to make is you can’t base all decisions in your life based on the possibility of a PRO card. I know MANY people that have sacrificed everything for years to walk away with a PRO STATUS and BROKE! Not going to be me. PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES.

MW: Exactly. I’ve seen so many throw their entire lives away, ruin their credit, obtain felony convictions and destroy their whole being from serious competitive bodybuilding. So do you work with a specific trainer or nutritionist or do you do everything on your own?

BM: I have actually worked with some of the most prolific and well-known trainers in the sport. I have learned so much and still continue to learn as time goes on and my body changes. I have a few people in my corner that I revert back to when I have questions but overall I am pretty equipped to take my own initiative.

MW: Guys. Do you liked jacked up juice-heads or do you prefer a man who isn’t synthetically enhanced hormonally?

BM: Contrary to what many believe, muscles on a man is great, however, it is a good conversation and sense of humor that stimulates my interest so keep doing your thing, Shane…

MW: I think you’re trying to seduce me, Brandi. I so wish you were my type. Tell me who you’re bodybuilding industry “husband”. Whose pecs do you want to just squeeze and “motorboat”? That sounds schmoey, I know.

BM: In this industry the men I find to really be attractive are men like Quincy Taylor, Victor Martinez, and Sean Ray. We can’t forget the SEXY women as well like Hayley McNeff or Collette Nelson who I wouldn’t mind motorboating.[Laughter]

MW: I know Hayley. Brandi. Tell us 3 things you cannot go to the gym without.

BM: I-Pod, Redline for my energy kick and usually a snack for directly after my work out.

MW: What’s more important to you? A man who had a big bank account or a man with a big………?

BM: I can make my own money so of course a BIG this could be thick, long, or big MAN STICK or strap on is necessary!

MW: Brandi. If you could make one wish. What would that wish be?

BM: Sounds so corny but WORLD SOCIAL and ECONOMICAL EQUALITY for everyone. Even outside the U.S.

MW: Where does Brandi Mae see herself in 5 years?

BM: In five years I am going to be rocking and rolling with my EROTIC MUSCLE brand. I have so many ideas and innovations in my back pocket. I have no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Hopefully, more projects in the entertainment/non-adult arena would also be superb!

MW: Brandi. Do you have anything you want to promote or plug. Feel free to spam anything you like. How can people contact you for sponsorship, modeling or anything you have to offer?

BM: Of course check out my website and feel free to email me directly at My erotic muscle store will be launching soon I love to correspond with people from across the globe for whatever reason even if just to chat and say HI. Feel free to check me out on Facebook and add me on TWITTER @sexybrandimae. Sponsorships of any sort (especially supplement) are always welcomed!!


– Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
– Favorite Song: Whats Love Got to do With It: Tina Turner
– Favorite Las Vegas hot spot: Used to be Gold’s GYM but now it’s the Sushi Market I frequent. I like this place, too.
– Favorite cheat food: Nachos
– Last book you read: The Highly Sensitive Person by Dr. Elaine Aron
– Favorite vacation destination: Hawaii
– Favorite Exercise: THAT MAKES MY ASS GROW
– Favorite position: Doggystyle. With my back arched, ass up, and head jammed into the pillow!


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