Bodybuilders are ‘Nice Guys’

I don’t even remember half the things I say on here — remember I have Alzheimers — but in all honesty I don’t feel remorseful — remember that I used to hang out with quite a few pros regularly and I know that most of them are very ‘nice’ guys. And I’m not saying anything about their families, wives, children or making any specific statements about their financial well-being (unless they invite videocameras into their housing project). I try to limit my comments to physical observations. Seeing and meeting Ben in person doesn’t change my opinions about him.

People need to realize that I am merely providing my own honest critique of what I am seeing. There is no intent to harm or make someone cry. And while I wouldn’t say it to their face, I also wouldn’t tell Brock Lesnar that his standup sucks, tell Frank Mir he’s a douchebag or tell James Toney he’s a fatass.

A critic shouldn’t have to answer to his subjects. That creates bias — hence the reason I rarely drop anything negative about guys I know personally or like.

But I don’t always have something bad to say. Take Gunter for example — he’s always been a great guy with a good sense of humor. He has a good head of hair, looks great in the gym (mostly) off the sauce. He doesn’t dress like a douche, has done well in TV commercials and film, and doesn’t claim he makes more in residuals from a commercial than you do in a year like Captain Americhick.

As for Ben, if he studies the boards enough to identify Special Ed in person, that would only confirm his narcissism and mean that he needs to spend more time in the gym.

We all have our flaws. I don’t mind if someone points out my sorry physique, greasy hair, unshaven mug, or double chin. Just don’t tell me I’m not funny.

The same goes for Ben. I can point out his hairline recession, syntholly arms, overgrown intestines pushing out his gut, and lack of intellectual speaking ability, but I’m not gonna dog his physique which is pretty damn awesome and something i could never achieve.

And I think Ben is just visiting. But if he’s not, there are plenty of places to live near the beach (studio apts) for around $1000/month. If he’s making 3k/mo from Weider and 2k/mo from muscletech, he can live just fine here.

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