Ben Pakulski

See my exclusive interview on the G&O.Here’s me and Big Ben. It’s a bit blurry but when you’re as ugly as me, that’s a good thing!

Question: Ed, in keeping with previous posts in this thread, how can someone like Ben P. afford to live in Venice and go train at noon, implying he doesn’t have a regular hours job, if bodybuilding contracts pay as little as you and Block say? We are talking about one of the most expensive areas in the most expensive state in the country, with an outrageously high cost of living. Surely he can’t afford that + tons of food and drugs on pay as meager as what you say these contracts pay!

Also Ed, and I am NOT trying to be an ass about this, but do you ever feel remorseful about some of the things you say about these guys once you meet them in person? It seems you had a positive interaction with Ben and you describe him as a “complete” big guy, yet you had described him in another thread ( as “a prematurely balding guy with obvious synthol in his biceps and a gut bigger than his chest trying to sound intelligent about diet and nutrition when it’s clear he’s nothing without the gear.”


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