Back in the Iron!

So I FINALLY made it back into the gym today. If memory serves correctly, it’s been about two months off. Which would make sense if I was a bodybuilder taking off two months to let my body recover from 10 straight months of gear, slin, and gh. But I was just a big fatbody before and now I’m a skinny fatbody two months later.

I did a set of side laterals with the 10 lb dumbbells and followed that by just barely shoulder dumbbell pressing the 25s for 8 reps. And that was it. One superset and out. Then I went to the rope pulling machine (not rope pulldowns but an actual giant rope dangling from high above that you pull for cardio or strength) and pulled 1000 feet of rope. Then it was 1 mile on the treadmill in 14 minutes alternating walking and jogging in two minute increments. And that was that!

Then I headed over to Gracie Barra in Culver City to meet with BJJ Master Gerson Sanginitto who is tight with my old BJJ teacher Renzo Gracie and was super cool and invited me to come to a class tonight so I will let you know how that goes. I promise not to tap under any circumstances!


I think Joe Rogan’s a pretty cool dude — awful stand-up comedian — but a naturally funny guy.

So I just got back from my BJJ class at Gracie Barra and I’m totally spent. I probably won’t even be able to rub one out to Ines tonight. My highlight was escaping the mount of a blue belt. But never was it more clear than rolling around that I have about 70 lbs of useless weight on my body.

Anyways, the plan is to get under 230 by Saturday.

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