Anna-bolic: Is Georgia Cheerleader Anna Watson on Steroids?

Is Georgia Cheerleader Anna Watson on Steroids?

by Jay Stern

Yesterday’s feature on University of Georgia cheerleader Anna Watson focused primarily on how easily the mainstream media routinely gives a pass to athletes on the steroid issue — even when the visual evidence is overwhelming.

Take for example, Mark McGwire. The dude went from a slim, freckle-faced boyish slugger to a jacked, Popeye-armed, acne-coated behemoth, and yet no one dared to question (or even bring up) the issue of steroids in the face of Mark’s tell-tale visual markers. No, a stray bottle of a legal supplement ‘accidentally’ left in public view in his locker was all the excuse anyone needed to overlook the obvious.

marion jones juiced

Or take Marion Jones, the muscular, Gold-medal winning, uber-athlete track star. She was married to and coached by a known steroid user, exhibited many of the physical traits (squared up jawline, enhanced muscularity, and extremely low bodyfat) of a steroid user, and most importantly, was running faster than any woman in the history of the world. And yet, not a single member of the mainstream media had the balls to mention what was so obvious in bodybuilding circles: The gal was juiced.

So while I’m not entirely surprised by the media’s reaction, I AM somewhat surprised by some of the public comments rolling in. After all, the media has an obligation to fact-check and must be wary of speculating on a negative sports angle too much, so as to avoid losing press passes, access to players or locker room privileges. But what’s the public’s excuse for being so stupid and naive? How is it that after having nearly EVERY single top baseball player of the 90’s (Bonds, McGwire, Canseco, Sosa, Rodriguez, Bagwell, Palmeiro, Clemens) admit to or get caught juicing, after the world’s fastest men (Ben Johnson, Carl Lewis, Tim Montgomery, Dwaine Chambers, Justin Gatlin, Kelli White) get caught juicing, after the best defensive player in the NFL(Merriweather) gets caught juicing, after the top cyclists admit to doping, after every muscular UFC fighter gets caught using steroids, there somehow remains MILLIONS of morons who refuse to accept that STEROIDS ARE EVERYWHERE. Has no one read the Mitchell Report? If not, here’s a link to the actual Mitchell Report. Or read the names of the 52 NFL Pro Bowlers popped for illegal substances here.

Cyborg Santos

Common Sense > Drug Test

Do I have Anna Watson’s bloodwork to prove she’s a juicer? Of course not. Nor did I possess the blood results of UFC Female Fighter Christiana ‘Cyborg’ Santos when I referred to her obvious steroid use. But one positive drug test later, I was vindicated. This is a blog — not a court of law. We don’t need to PROVE Anna Watson is on steroids beyond a reasonable doubt. If that was the standard for reporting, no one would ever break ANY story. But when a fitness expert such as myself sees a young woman with certain physical traits that I have personally observed hundreds of times in my lifetime as being associated with the use of anabolic steroids, I’m going to call it as I see it.

Don’t believe me? I went ahead and questioned some of the world’s most esteemed and elite personal trainers at the Mecca of Bodybuilding — Gold’s Gym in Venice — by showing them a single photo of Anna flexing her biceps. Here are their responses:

IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and 4-time Ironman Winner turned Celebrity Personal Trainer Chris Cormier: (Laughs) “C’mon man. Of course she’s juiced. Look at her face.”

Former IFBB Pro Bodybuilder and Trainer to the Stars like 50 Cent, Charles Glass: “She’s not natural. You can tell by her face. She’s definitely using a little something extra.”

Elite Personal Trainer Rico McClinton: (Laughs) “Why would she even say that (she’s natural)? Of course she’s not.”

Elite Personal Trainer Sean K: “C’mon! Do you even need to ask? I’ve been training women for 20 years and they cannot build that level of muscle naturally.”

There is only one reason why people continue to believe that hyper muscularity can be achieved without the use of steroids: GULLIBILITY.

Athlete Liar

But take it from Muscleweek or the Experts: You, the general public, are being PUNKED!

Just because an athlete claims he or she is steroid-free doesn’t make it true. Athletes lie. Bodybuilders lie. Juicers lie.

Having oodles of muscles and claiming to be steroid-free is the inside joke of bodybuilders everywhere. And if you believe it, then the joke, my friend, is on YOU.


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