Anabolic Steroids and the Law

It’s not easy being a bodybuilder. First, you have to set aside time each day to go to the gym and train. Second, you’ve got to have the time to prepare and eat all seven or eight of your meals. And finally, there’s the ‘extra supplements’ part of the equation. It’s no secret that every bodybuilder from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Phil Heath has crossed the legal line to take copious amounts of anabolic steroids.

The legality of anabolic steroids depends on whether you have a doctor’s prescription for them. Because most physicians won’t prescribe anything more than 200mg/week and many bodybuilders are known to take as much as 6000mg/week, we can logically assume that 99% of bodybuilders using steroids are doing so illegally. Let’s face it: You won’t be stepping on the Mr. Olympia stage using only what the doctor prescribes.

Because of the need to use illegal anabolic steroids and the general unavailability of these substances outside of a doctor’s prescription, most bodybuilders purchase their steroids from either an overseas source that they found on an internet message board or they purchase locally from a fellow gym member. Both of these situations are fraught with legal pitfalls.

If you purchase steroids from an overseas source, the items must pass through US Postal Service (USPS) inspection at the border. If illegal drugs, including anabolic steroids, are discovered in your shipment, these substances will usually be seized by the USPS and you will receive a ‘Seizure Notice’ in the mail, identifying you by name and address and informing you that your delivery has been seized as a result of the illegality of the shipment. Additional seizure notices can result in what is known as a ‘Controlled Delivery’. A Controlled Delivery is where the USPS teams up with the DEA, FBI, DHS, or local law enforcement to have a package delivered to your door under the control of law enforcement and not USPS. An undercover agent will seek to have you or a family member sign for the package and upon signature and receipt, that person will be placed under arrest and the home will be searched for additional contraband, including weapons, drug money and additional drugs. If law enforcement leaves the package at the location, they will have the package under surveillance and arrest the person who actually removes the package from the doorstep.

If you purchase steroids from a local gym member or neighborhood drug dealer, you run the risk of that person being a law enforcement informant. Many professional and top amateur bodybuilders have been arrested for steroid possession or sales and have agreed to provide information to law enforcement in exchange for a reduced or suspended sentence. This means that your name and address can be provided to law enforcement at any time and that a search warrant may be issued for your home or apartment, resulting in the arrest of you or your family members.

Many bodybuilders attempt to offset the cost of purchasing expensive substances like growth hormone (hgh) by dabbling in small-time sales — selling off their unwanted steroids or bogus steroids to fellow gym members. Sale of anabolic steroids is far more serious than simple possession and federal charges can result in seizure of your car, home, bank accounts, and any cash (or gold) on hand.

Regardless of whether you are busted for steroid possession, unlawful marijuana possession, criminal possession of a controlled substance, cocaine possession, possession of an unlicensed handgun, weapon possession, steroid sales, marijuana sales, cocaine sales, sale of a weapon or some minor offense, you need legal counsel.

Most lawyers only handle cases within the city or state where they maintain an office, but are frequently the best source of a referral in another city or state, so be sure to ask for a local referral even if the lawyer doesn’t practice in your particular jurisdiction.

Please take note of the following websites that may be of service to you if you are arrested:


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