Ab Training with Alex Carneiro

AB-solute Perfection: How to Build the Perfect Six-Pack

by Jason Stern with Alex Carneiro

One of the more common misconceptions among novice bodybuilders is that ab training needs to be exhaustive or heavy. In fact, when speaking with some of the world’s top physique models and competitors, such as IFBB Pro Physique Champion Alex Carneiro, just the opposite is true. According to Alex, “I do train my abs quite often, but only for 10-15 min at the end of my training sessions.”

But rather than just do sit-ups to failure or endless crunches, Alex believes in training abs like any other muscle. “Abdominals need stimulus to develop and since they are easily recovered I personally feel that hitting the abdominal area from different angles each day makes them develop greatly.”

As most experienced bodybuilders know, one can train abdominals til doomsday, but you’ll never see those abs unless your diet is on point. Says Alex, “Without a good nutrition and cardiovascular plan, you can do all the abs in the world and you still won’t see them so that must also be a priority for anyone looking to get those abs to show.”

Here is how Alex Carneiro built those abdominals and developed a six-pack that would make any man the envy of others at the beach:

Monday – Hanging Leg Raises, Reverse Crunch machines, Jack Knives

Tuesday – Abdominal Crunch Machine, Floor Crunches, Rope Crunches

Thursday – Side Twisting Leg Raises, Side Crunches, TRX Leg Pulls

Saturday – (mix of all) Rope Crunches, Side Crunches, Leg Raises


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