5 Best Ways To Improve Muscle Gain And Workout Recovery With CBD

Over the years, CBD has witnessed a steep increase in its popularity. Today, CBD is part of many products, like cocktails, gummies, cookies, tinctures, and topicals. When it comes to vape, users tend to incorporate concentrates shatter along with vape liquids. According to researchers, the market share of CBD in the health and wellness industry will grow in the future and will hit $2 Billion by 2022.

This rising demand for CBD is because of its health effects. Many patients suffering from anxiety, ALS, depression, and even cancer, had admitted about the benefits of consuming CBD. It has several health-promoting effects, such as acting as a sleep aid in insomnia patients, helping cancer patients in reducing nausea, and decreasing seizures in children suffering from Dravet Syndrome.

In addition to all the benefits, CBD can also help you in muscle recovery after a workout. This is because CBD possesses effective anti-inflammatory properties and also gives sleep-inducing and calming effects. Below you can find the best ways CBD improves muscle gain and workout recovery.

1.   Improve sleep for faster recovery

According to science, the sleeping period is when most of your muscle recovery takes place. During sleeping, your body goes into a resting state, and the recovery process begins. Your body starts to repair the damaged or broken muscle fibers while you sleep.

Consuming CBD can accelerate the recovery process by improving the quality of sleep. As per research, CBD can promote REM sleep (rapid eye movement). However, more in-depth studies on the effect CBD on sleep is still in elementary stages.

2.   Lower cortisol levels prevent muscle loss.

Cortisol is a type of stress hormone found to reduce protein synthesis and prevents the growth of tissue. As a result, preventing the formation of protein will stop recovery as it is the primary building block of muscles.

Here, CBD can help you in better recovery as it interferes with the secretion of cortisol. As per research by Brazil Journal of Medicine and Biological Research, CBD has a direct effect on the endocannabinoid system. This means that CBD can significantly decrease the levels of cortisol levels in your body. As a result, it can slow down muscle breakdown and help athletes recover from workout fatigue.

3.   Lower Inflammation after a workout

Lower Inflammation after a workout
Lower Inflammation after a workout

As per biology, inflammation is a sign that the body is healing itself. But, these symptoms can hinder the process of workout and exercise. CBD is helpful in this case, as it has specific anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD is found to be effective in reducing inflammation as per a study published in the journal of Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry inflammation. Further, a paper in Future MedChem refers to cannabinoids as a ‘novel anti-inflammatory drug’.

4.   Reduce muscles spasm

Muscle spasm is a sudden and involuntary contraction of one of the more muscles that result in pain. Many athletes suffer from this after a workout and choose CBD products to provide them with relief. This is because cannabinoids possess antispasmodic properties. As a result, CBD can lower muscle spasm, which leads to better overall performance and faster recovery.

5.   Relieve from chronic pain after a workout session

Relieve from chronic pain after a workout session
Relieve from chronic pain after a workout session

Studies have shown that CBD is an effective analgesic, i.e., it can help in reducing pain. Harvard Health Publishing states that several studies have shown that CBD can decrease the levels of chronic pain. This means that if you injure yourself after a rigorous workout session, consuming CBD can lower the pain. Furthermore, cannabinoids can also treat joint pain, sprains, and bruises.

How to add CBD in your recovery routine

Due to its vast popularity, CBD today is available in many forms for the consumers. This means that you have a variety of different CBD products as a health supplement. Here is a list of the most common ways people are using CBD supplements for muscles gain and workout recovery:

  1. Take CBD gummies or capsules as they are easy to carry.
  2. Take CBD oils as an additive in your protein shakes.
  3. Inhale CBD using a vaporizer pen that uses concentrate shatters.
  4. Apply CBD balm over the damaged muscle area.
  5. Consume CBD oil on recovery days of your workout routine.

Using CBD to help muscles grow isn’t tough because you have a variety of products available that contains CBD in different forms. The crucial part here is to determine the appropriate dose for intake because the intake varies from person to person.

Thus it would be best if you started taking CBD in the low range of recommended dose of 2.5mg per kg of your body weight twice in a day. Later you can increase it up to 5mg and 10mg to see what quantity suits your body well.

Summing Up

CBD is a preferred supplement due to all the right reasons. It has anti-inflammatory properties, antispasmodic properties, and is an excellent analgesic. This is why people are using it to reduce post-workout pain and inflammation. However, you should remember that to increase CBD’s effectiveness, you should incorporate other measures, like massaging, a healthy diet, proper sleep, and drinking plenty of water. In this way, you can ensure that you gain muscles and recover from a workout faster.


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