2nd & Long with Hayley McNeff

Here is the long-awaited Part Deux of our interview with the amazingly hot Hayley McNeff:

11. What do you think needs to be done to make female bodybuilding more mainstream and as popular as Figure or Bikini in the NPC or IFBB?

I don’t think they even want to make it mainstream…I think they want to keep everything within the industry…From what I understand… But if it hypothetically were to become mainstream – Physique is where it’s at. Although they’re already getting leaner and leaner each show – and that is not mainstream…The general public doesn’t wanna see girls with striated glutes. Period. I give it 5 years before Physique chicks get enormous and super shredded. Same thing happened to Fbbing. They’ll keep having to make a new category every 5 years lol! Orrrrrrr STOP REWARDING the big, shredded to the bone girls…When they created Physique they were specifically told to NOT be as conditioned as bodybuilding so it could become more mainstream…And that ideal has quickly vanished! Not to take credit away from my girls that work their asses off, literally! But I’m just sayin.

12. Okay. Fun stuff. If you were stranded on a desert island. All alone. The island had a gym. Would you still train? What 3 items would you bring with you if you KNEW you would be stranded there?

Hells yea!!! My lifting belt, FOOD, and my sleeping pills lol. Can’t sleep without em! Nothing to do???? EAT! SLEP! TRAIN! LOL. By the time they found me I’d look like Kim Chesvesky lol.

13. What kind of guys do you go for? Is it common practice for female bodybuilders to want their male counterpart?

Big huge massive bber guys…mmm! Lol! Big, huge, lean, tan, hairless, big, preferably Italian, yeahhh…Lol! But if you’re not Dave (Pulcinella), you probably can’t look like that AND have a personality, never mind an IQ worth stating! Bodybuilders have always laughed in my face when I’ve said I want a huge bber who’s smart, and has a personality! They don’t exist! If the whole world juiced, trained their asses off, shaved their whole bodies, tanned, and dyed their hair dark – the world would be such a hot place lol!

14. Ready? Marry. Fuck. Kill. Kai Green. Evan Centopani. Frank McGrath.

Why do I have to marry or kill anyone?!?! Ugh! Fine.

Fuck = Kai. Ummm…I’m having trouble with the Kill…Hmm…Sorry Frank…I luv ya buddy but I gotta kill ya! Evan’s a sweetheart, so I guess I’d marry him (if I believed in marriage).

15. If you found a magic lamp and out comes a Genie and he gave you ONE WISH. What would that wish be?

Oooohhhhh…..I’d go back and not make a mistake I made that hurt someone I love very deepy. My life would be completely different right now.

16. What’s one thing about Hayley McNeff that not many people know about?

Um I love chick flicks!! And I’m a hopeless romantic. I do in fact have a girly side, just not many people get to see it, hehe.

17. Besides your studies and hitting the gym what else really interests you?

Um what else is there?! Lol just kidding. Um, seriously though… I like going out to dinner and eating cheeseburgers…? I think everyone already knows that though. I like drinking bud light lime with my chick friend’s from school at bars around Chicago – the city is awesome.

Yea really all that matter to me right now is getting awesome grades so I can get a killer job as a psychologist and live my dream! And being jacked must happen at all times! Ps, really hard juggling those two…I feel so small right now! I have finals this next week – not gonna see the gym for yet another week! That’s like 3 more lbs gone right there lol!

18. Do you have any obscure hobbies? You don’t collect dead fly’s or keep your toenails in a jar in your closet do you?

Hobbies…I don’t know the meaning of the word…If I do anything it’s 100%. Hobby – implies it’s part-time…Uhh yea no. I collect muscles! Lol! I can think of an addiction: texting! I have a problem…Lol

19. Where does Hayley McNeff see herself in 5 years?

Working as a psychologist in a correctional facility, and hopefully more jacked than I am now! I would love to work in a psych ward at some point as well, and eventually own my own practice when I get older.

20. Who would you like to give a shout out to?

Lol EVERYONE! Dave Pulcinella, Mike Pulcinella, Carrie Avila, Jerry Ward, Jerry Beck, Colette Nelson

Word Association: I drop a name. You put the first word that comes to mind. Ready?

I’m not doing ONE word. Can’t do it dude.

Dave Pulcinella: The most loving, amazing person I’ve ever met. I am blessed to have you in my life.

Steve Blechman: Uh I know I know that name, and he’s important…??

Derek Anthony: Nut job! Lol! Love ya Derek!

PJ Braun: Louis’s fake fb bf

Aaron Singerman: Jewbacca!

Steve Weinberger: Severe/In charge

Iris Kyle: Die hard bodybuilder/nuts about bbing! Lol


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